Two earthquakes in a week!!!

Grenada was rocked in the past ten days by two different types of earthquake – one natural and the other man-made.

There was a 7.3 magnitude hurricane that was felt from Venezuela on the South American mainland to Trinidad, Grenada and some of the other islands in the Eastern Caribbean.

The other earthquake was of a different magnitude since it was felt only in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

THE NEW TODAY is referring specifically to the arrest and jail sentence in the United States of one of the local high-profile investors of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The incarceration of Kert Skeete of the Lavo Lanes Bowling entertainment facility at Calliste in St. George sent shock waves throughout the length and breadth of the country.
Mr. Skeete who operates a multi-million-dollar business in the south of the island was charged with Grand Larceny for the paltry sum of US$50, 000.00 from one of his previous employers in the United States.

There are reports coming from the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that Mr. Skeete and company were persuaded by NNP operatives to hold back on their project under the 2008-13 Tillman Thomas-led government and to wait for regime change and the coming back into power of Dr. Mitchell and NNP.

This is similar to the Nyack family in St. Patrick who made an open confession that Dr. Mitchell convinced them not to do anything with the Riviera project along the Grand Anse beach during the reign of NDC but to wait for his return to power for a better deal.

It is clear – the NNP political leader was encouraging a local investor not to create employment opportunities and to starve the very poor people whom he always solicit for their votes and often claim to love them dearly at all times.

The NNP has a very impressive record in the political life of the country – the only party to win 15-0 at the polls on three occasions, the party with the most electoral victories under its belt and the party with the longest ever serving Prime Minister.

The NNP is also the only party in the history of Grenada that has attracted so many crooked businessmen to operate in the country plus the only regional state whose leader, PM Mitchell is listed in U.S official document as having received a large sum of money in the form of bribe and captured on video-tape now in the possession of the U.S Justice Department.

In short, the NNP has the dubious record of being the only party in Grenada that is a magnet for attracting crooks and conmen – the likes of the imprisoned Eric Resteiner, Rita ReGala, Viktor Kozeny better known as the Pirate of Prague, and the late Van Brink of the infamous First International Bank (FIBG) scandal.

In addition, the legacy of Dr. Mitchell and NNP also includes the open cheque book given to the imprisoned Finton De Bourg to set up a bank in Grenada and to pilfer the deposits of hundreds of locals and leave them penniless and much poorer.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to comment on what is emerging on a daily basis as a lawless society in the making with no regards for law and order.

And the NNP Government is showing clear signs of aiding and abetting the high level of wrong-doing and illegal activities taking place in the country.

A well-known NNP operative in the Town of St. George constituency of Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter David has opened up a business on the People’s Pedestrian Plaza and selling intoxicating drinks.

Is this gentleman in possession of a licence to sell the drinks and importantly where is his toilet facilities for customers?

Has the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) visited this illegal operation and ask the business operator to show his licence to engage in such a business on the plaza?

Is MP David openly encouraging and supporting this wrongdoing by one of his key supporters? Is the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security with responsibility for the Police aware of this business operation on the plaza? Is he preventing the police from halting this wrong-doing?

Who gave anyone associated with the business the authority to alter the plaza and to build a ramp leading to the entrance of this illegal operation?

This newspaper would also like to point to the number of businesses taking place inside the many bus shelters around the country at the expense of those who should really be using the facility.

A number of people have taken over the bus shelters and openly doing business as shoe-making, barbecuing and selling roast corn.

The unfortunate users of the bus shelters have to stand in the rain and sun at times to wait for public transport in order to avoid being smoked up and smelling unhealthy at their various workplaces.

The NNP might have allowed this state of lawlessness in the country to reach too far to be turned back under their regime.

This kind of thing could never have happened under the likes of a labour party government led by Sir Eric Matthew Gairy or the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) of the late Maurice Bishop.

Grenada is fast descending into a place where separate laws apply – one to NNP and their supporters and surrogates and the other to those who refuse to surrender to the existing dynasty of the so-called “one-party state”.

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