The way forward!!!

News have been filtering through that the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will soon be holding its first significant party meeting since its humiliating defeat in the March 13 general elections.

There is talk of a General Council session which is the second highest organ of Congress after the Convention in which the delegates can make far-reaching decisions to affect the future course of the party.

The meeting is coming less than four months after the Nazim Burke-led group suffered the second straight 15-0 defeat at the polls at the hands of the so-called Green Machinery of the New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The NDC leadership has been extremely quiet, subdued and withdrawn since the defeat which has forced many to question the viability of the party in going forward into a next election.

THE NEW TODAY is hopeful that Mr. Burke will give a clear signal to the party faithful that he would exit the leadership of Congress and
give the party a new opportunity to start the serious rebuilding process that is badly needed as a matter of urgency.

This deafening silence by those in the current leadership of the party has not given hope to the 20, 000 support base of Congress about the way forward for a resurgence.

This newspaper is convinced that a new leadership should be put in place in short order to send a signal to party supporters that NDC is not dead but very much alive.

The General Council should be used as a transition period for the leadership until a convention is held when a new political leader and national executive is elected into office.

THE NEW TODAY repeats its proposal a few months ago that the former Political Leader and Prime Minister Tillman Thomas should be asked to take over the role of Interim Chairman of the NDC until the holding of the convention and the emergence of the new political leader.

“Uncle Tilly” is still the most trusted national figure of Congress in the country and should be used in the short term to help steady the NDC ship that is not going anywhere at the moment.

Absolutely nothing of substance and significance is happening under this current failed leadership of Congress.

And nothing will happen if they continue to hold onto the very fragile power string of the party that is badly in need of an injection of new blood, new ideas and new thinking on the way forward.

The badly wounded leadership of NDC has not held a serious session to come up with the answers for the massive loss at the polls and what needs to be done to put the party on a new course that can yield results within the next 3 to 5 years.

The so-called “Green Machinery of NNP is not unbeatable as some people might be thinking after the back-to-back 15-0 defeats of Congress in the 2013 and 2018 general elections.

The Dr. Mitchell-led outfit was beaten in 2008 and can be defeated once the right conditions are set in place for its downfall.

A critical aspect of the defeat of NNP back then was the coalition that was formed with NDC as the vanguard movement to convince the electorate of the need for change.

The internal feuding within the 2008-13 administration caused mainly by the relics of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution hurt the party badly and forced the electorate to kick them out of office.

The Burke-led team was not able in 2013 and 2018 to assemble a coalition of forces to engage in a head-on battle with NNP to win the election.

This newspaper is convinced that a new NDC leader who is acceptable to the people can take the lead in putting back that “rainbow” to go forward against the NNP.

The NDC cannot afford to make the mistake again of not listening to the people on their choice of leader.

The “masses” were speaking after the 2013 defeat of Congress at the polls and the party choose to ignore them and went ahead and put in place a leadership that was rejected by the people once again.

Bernard Coard made a similar mistake in 1983 when he choose to ignore the chants of many that Maurice Bishop was their leader and without Bishop there was no revolution.

The adherents to the so-called Democratic Centralism of Coard who have found shelter within NDC have made a similar mistake by not listening to the Grenadian people on their choice of leader.

THE NEW TODAY offers once again advice to the NDC to reject any attempt to impose another leader on the party but look within and work with what is there until better can come.

No clique within NDC should be allowed to enforce a new leader for selfish gains and self-preservation since too much is at stake at the national level.

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