Face the facts!!!

A recent spike in gun-related violence in the country has resulted in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) calling on the public for assistance in terms of information to help control the situation.

With only five months gone in 2018, the island has seen an over 300 percent increase in crimes committed by firearms and with most of them being illegal weapons.

The police are cognisant of the fact that the presence of the firearms could be linked to the illegal drug trade in Grenada and neighbouring countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

THE NEW TODAY was told by a major underworld figure many years ago that drug men cannot run a successful business without cover from the cops themselves.

This newspaper is not suggesting that RGPF is full of bad apples and that many of their members are on the payroll of the drug men.

The police have arrested some of their own who were caught in the illegal trade as recently as a few weeks ago when a low-level police officer was intercepted by members of the Drug Squad with a large quantity of ganja that was taken off a boat that came into the Grenville port from Carriacou.

The problem for the law enforcement officers is compounded by a special relationship that is known to exist between the drug men and politicians in the country and seemingly growing on an increasing scale.

It is sad when some people would seek to praise the drug baron who was executed in Telescope two weeks ago as a “Community Leader” and someone who gave generously to villagers.

This is often the modus operandi of these so-called gangsters who seek to maintain their sphere of influence by sharing some of their ill-gotten gains with the poor in the community.

The execution of the so-called “Community Leader” in Telescope is bringing directly to the fore the special relationship this alleged drug man had with members of the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Another newspaper carried a photograph of the “Community Leader” in its weekend edition adorned in the colours of the “Green Machine” as President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey now likes to refer to the NNP in which he now has a special political relationship.

This man was a “hoodlum” as far as RGPF is concerned but was seen as an untouchable as he had managed to forge a strong political association with powerful figures within the ruling party.

THE NEW TODAY has been aware for some time now that a lot of drug money has been making its way into the political process by the growing relationship between persons associated with illegal drugs and guns and the politicians.

With that being established, the hierarchy of the police force should understand quite clearly that they have to reign in the politicians if they want to control the flow of illegal firearms and drugs in the country.

However, are the lawmen in a position to lecture the political directorate of the NNP on this very sensitive matter? This newspaper has grave doubts.

It is very questionable that even the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) would have had a file on this so-called “Community Leader” from Telescope and the source of his income for obvious political reasons.

It might boil down to one trying to bite off the hands that feed him/her.

This is the kind of dangerous relationship that the politicians and moreso the NNP has been able to cultivate over the years with many shady characters to help build the “Green Machine” and to maintain its political stranglehold on the country.

Telescope is not the only area in the country with a so-called “Community Leader” that runs a thriving drug business and gets protection from armed thugs surrounding the drug barons similar to the garrisons in Jamaica.

These hoodlums provide the cash money for politicians to buy sugar, rice and other “poor people” food to control villages and get their votes every five years in national elections.

The politicians are also openly encouraging the illegal activities taking place in some of the “hot spot areas” in the country where the illegal guns and drugs can be found.

Some of the politicians can be seen going around with as part of their entourage the very elements in the society who have been charged by the police for illegal activities including guns.

Which police officer dare confront these politicians now in power to stop this practice?

It is time to face the facts – the presence of guns and drugs can be traced back to the special relationship existing between these so-called “Community Leaders” and the political directorate.

The people are not fools and would be afraid to give sensitive information to a police force that is not totally trusted on matters of drugs and illegal firearms given the persons involved in the business.

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