Compromised leadership!!!

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will have to explain to the people of Grenada its failure to issue a statement on the topical issue of the deportation of a Pakistani national from the country on allegations that he was on a U.S terrorist list.

The news about the deportation of Mohammad Ehsan came to light through some bloggers in North America who have been paying particular attention to the passport selling scheme of some of the islands in the sub-regional grouping known as the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

As expected, most of the local media houses that are under government control and influence shied away from carrying anything about the case as their newsrooms are believed to be under constant and careful monitoring by government agents.

The NDC has been making a lot of noise over the years about a number of questionable and suspect characters who have been doing business with the current ruling New National Party (NNP) Government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The records will show that Congress has also been calling repeatedly for the removal of Superintendent of Police Tafawa Pierre as Head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) on the grounds that he was a “politically-exposed person” as the husband of a female government minister with oversight on the sale of Grenadian passports.

However, an opportunity presented itself in the past two weeks for Congress to remind the population of the lack of due diligence that is clearly a hallmark of the present government and the FIU but it kept totally silent on the issue.

Is it a case of the NDC still lying flat on the ground following the shocking back-to-back defeat in the last two general elections when it failed on each occasion to win a single seat?

Here was a wonderful opportunity for Congress to put teeth to its slogan, “Let the People’s Voice be heard” on what was a major national issue and also to bring some semblance of hope to its supporters that the party is not “dead” after all and is still very much alive on the national stage.

THE NEW TODAY suspects that NDC leader was forced to keep his mouth totally locked down on the Ehsan case out of fear that he would be taken to task by Prime Minister Mitchell given the law firm that was retained by the Pakistani to try and block the deportation order.

Simple put, the law firm that was fighting the State to keep the Pakistani inside Grenada was one that is associated with the political leader of Congress.

Is it a case of financial rewards being put in front of the national interest as lawyers seek to cash in on a big pay day in order to survive in this hostile atmosphere in which NNP has total hegemony and control of the affairs of the State?

Did the present leader of NDC choose to remain silent and not run the risk of being seen as attempting to keep a so-called terrorist on Grenadian soil while the government was bowing to pressure from Washington to deport the Pakistani national?

This newspaper holds strongly to the view that NDC now has “compromised leadership” at the helm and the shackles must be broken immediately for the party to grow once again.

Two months after the massive defeat at the polls the changes in the leadership of Congress should have begun to manifest itself and for new blood, new thinking and a new approach to be brought to the political arena.

The old leadership has simple failed in 2013 and 2018 and should pass on the baton to get the rebuilding process underway.

THE NEW TODAY is suggesting that it is in the best interest of NDC at this stage to take the bold step and ask former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas to come forward to hold the party together as the Interim Chairman pending the holding of a convention within the next six months where elections will be held for a new executive body including a political leader.

“Uncle Tilly” is loved by the rank and file members and supporters of Congress and can be trusted to carry out the simple task of holding things together while a new leadership can emerge for the battle at hand.

Congress is right now in a state of paralysis under Nazim Burke and his team and nothing is seemingly being done to rise from the ashes of March 13 and start the badly needed forward march into a new era.

It is doubtful that NDC under the current leadership will be able to attract new blood into the party to inject new and vibrant life into it.

The NNP will soon target the vibrant youth arm of Congress to try and woo some of its members into the Green Machine as part of its strategy to destroy its main political opponent.

THE NEW TODAY is sensing that some persons in the old leadership are moving slow or resisting the badly needed change out of fear that they might be sidelined and lose out on influence in the political process.

This kind of selfishness is anti-democratic and should be crushed before long in the interest of saving NDC and allowing it to once again take its rightful place in the political life of the country.

New leadership with spirituality at the core of the foundation is what is needed at this point in time to unseat the Green Machine.

The NNP cannot be defeated only in the political arena but a spiritual warfare has to be also fought by a new Congress leader who be equipped with the tools for the battle that lies.

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