Tuesday draweth nigh!!!

With four days to go, one of the longest campaign periods in Grenada is now winding down with the ruling New National Party (NNP) and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) putting the final pieces in place for Tuesday’s national poll.

The curtains will come down on Sunday with both parties planning massive motorcades around the island and their traditional final rallies taking place on either side of the country.

The so-called Green Machine of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell will top off their campaign at the Pearl’s airstrip in the north and Congress at the Morne Rouge playing field in the south.

THE NEW TODAY will refrain from making any prediction on the outcome despite claims from both side that they are set to take the majority of seats at the polls.

The NDC started off as the underdogs but has somehow managed to get a surge and is currently the party with the momentum going into the final few days of the campaign.

There is no denying that something happened along the way to see the growth in NDC crowds at rallies in La Sagesse, St. David, Fond in St. Patrick and last Sunday night at Progress Park in St. Andrew.

The NNP is no doubt concerned about this factor at this stage despite the bravado from its camp of being on track to sweep all 15 seats like it did in 2013.

This newspaper cannot see it happening as the issues today and those five years ago are so vastly different.
Persons need to just look back at the outcome of the Constitutional Reform Referendum and the rejection of all seven bills despite last minute appeals from Prime Minister Mitchell for the electorate to give support to at least three of the bills that he clearly identified.

In addition, despite what appears to be its limited financial resources, Congress was able to steal the spotlight from NNP in terms of the quality of its electoral material on display and dominance on Social media platforms like Facebook.

This newspaper is anxiously looking forward to see if the NDC momentum continues with Sunday’s motorcade and final rally at Morne Rouge which should be the best time for any party to peak for an election.

Is it merely Congress mobilising its base support or a movement is in the making among sections of the Grenadian population to challenge the NNP dominance of the island’s political landscape for the better part of the last 34 years?

Are Grenadians trying to send a message to the NNP that its so-called Dream Team is a Stale Team with its ageing 71-year old leader, and the likes of Gregory Bowen, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen and Anthony Boatswain?

The people hold the keys to these important questions and will provide the answers on Tuesday night.
An early indication of the trend can come by the amount of persons trekking to the various polling stations scattered across the island on polling day.

It is generally agreed that a low turn-out might be to the advantage of the incumbent NNP and that a larger than expected voter turn-out could be interpreted that the electorate are coming out to change the political landscape in the country.

THE NEW TODAY would like to touch on the role of the so-called Observer Missions like the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to ensure that free and fair elections do take place in the Spice Isle.

This is turning out to be nothing but “a pappyshow” and “a joy ride” with good pocket change for those persons appointed to serve on these missions.

The OAS, CARICOM and other election monitoring groups need to significantly change their modus operandi in order to give credibility to the holding of elections.

It is generally agreed that elections are not rigged on the day of the voting by the people but most likely years and months in advance.

These Observer Missions do not have a clue as to the extent of any voter-padding that can take place in an election in order to give one party a distinct advantage.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to commend the Royal Grenada Police (RGPF) for managing to keep the campaigning so far as peaceful as possible in the circumstances.

The instances of violence have been minimal in light of the fact that Grenada is no longer one united country but bitterly divided along colours – Green and Yellow.

The final message from THE NEW TODAY is that we are living in a democracy and the people have every right to go out in numbers to exercise their right to elect into office a government of their choice.

Let us ensure that the true will of the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Pettie Martinique prevails on Tuesday.

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