The case of Hermanie Patterson!!!

The circumstances surrounding the death of young Hermanie Patterson will now ensure that Health Care in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique become a major issue in Campaign 2018.

The two major contenders – the ruling New National Party (NNP) and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) can be expected to go after each other in the next month on the status of health on the island.

Our people must not just sit down and hear the “ole talk” of whether Health Care was better during the 2008-13 period of the Congress government or what is happening before their eyes now under Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and his NNP regime.

The healthcare system is broken and needs to be fixed in the interest of all the people of the Tri-island State as unfortunate deaths come not only to Green but also those clothed in yellow.

The fact of the matter is that many of our nationals are quite rightly asking questions about our health system including the following: “Why so many people die after undergoing a simple operation in the General Hospital?

Why? Why? The current lot in office often refer to themselves as the “problem solver” but do not seem to be able to provide adequate healthcare for the people.

The vast majority of Grenadians do not have the financial resources to travel abroad to get good and proper medical attention.

THE NEW TODAY is advocating that the death of Hermanie should be one case in point when an independent inquiry should be conducted by a competent team of health professionals from outside of Grenada to find out exactly what happened.

If this is done and communicated to the public then Grenadians at large can judge for themselves the true state of things at the hospital.

For too long, the powers-that-be engage in mamagism of the people on important issues.

The public was literally hoodwinked on the so-called investigation into the 2017 Panorama fiasco when for the first time in the modern history of steelpan there was no scheduled panorama as part of the annual Spicemas festival.

The Colin Dowe-led Commission would have handed in its report to government and Cabinet has seemingly if not buried it, put it on the shelf in some office to gather dust like so many other reports.

It appears to be business as usual at the Spicemas Corporation with no information given to the public on who is to be blamed for the fiasco and the measures that might have been recommended to fix the problem.

THE NEW TODAY is cognisant of the fact that over the years, our governments have failed us on the critical issue of ensuring good and proper health care services for the people.

The two most visionary leaders produced by Grenada – Sir Eric Matthew Gairy and Maurice Bishop – can testify to St. George’s University (SGU) and the International Airport at Point Salines as their true legacies.

How come none of the other leaders since Independence saw the need to take advantage of SGU’s presence and enter into a partnership with them to build and equip the island with the most modern hospital in the entire Eastern Caribbean?

The politicians are seemingly engaged in constant tomfoolery of the population by their many pronouncements on health care in their election manifestos to get into office.

These are the same politicians who can come up with the financial resources to not only go abroad themselves but also send their loved ones overseas to the best medical facilities around the world to take care of their health conditions.

It is reported that a very high-up one in the current administration flew all the way to England as a decoy on government business and then to Paris to visit a specialist at a well renowned Medical facility to look after his complaint.

How come the government member did not attend at the St. George’s General Hospital like all those poor ordinary Grenadians?

Poor Hermanie – she lost her life because she was less fortunate to do likewise and go abroad to get better medical care.

There are also too many instances in which persons have won court cases against the General Hospital in connection with the deaths of family members.

This newspaper knows of a case in which the court ordered a particular lady over $200, 000.00 in compensation for the unfortunate death of her husband and more than 5 years later she is still waiting for the payment.

When will we ever get a decent and proper healthcare system for the people of this country? Do we have to wait for Jesus Christ to come?

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