More questions than answers!!!

In a truly amazing revelation last week the attention of THE NEW TODAY was captured by a Public Statement titled “Chairman of the Citizenship by Investment Programme Responds to Fake News Blogger”.

After conducting our research into the source of the Blog complained about, this newspaper discovered that there is an ongoing row between the Government of Grenada, personified by the Prime Minister and Ms. Kaisha Ince on one side and the Blogger, Mr. Kenneth Rijock, on the other.

The row is over allegations made by Rijock dealing with the issue of Diplomatic Passports for Money in which the Blogger’s claims involve financial wrongdoing and corruption by public officials, among whom he identifies Ms. Ince.

This newspaper takes no side in this matter but reports on its development in the public interest.

Ms. Ince is also alleged by the Blogger to be involved in an illicit relationship with the Prime Minister, and as well to be involved in corrupt practices with at least one CBI Agency.

A reading of the denial from Ms. Keisha Ince by THE NEW TODAY raises far more questions than her response manages to refute.

In the opinion of the newspaper, the people of Grenada ought to be rightly disturbed by the following:

(1). From where or from whom does Ms. Ince get her Authority to be writing in such a manner and language?

(2). Who authorised Ms. Ince, Chairperson of the CBI to speak on behalf of the Government of Grenada? Ms. Ince’s response states as follows: “Mr. Rijock and his associates would be well advised to cease and desist from continuing to disseminate this fake news pieces, which are clearly malicious falsehoods, as the Government will have no hesitation whatsoever in prosecuting them to the full force of law.”

Really Ms. Ince, …”as the Government will have no hesitation….”!!! Is Ms. Ince the government?

(3). Can the Prime Minister vouch that he knows the complete nature and extent of the relationship between the CBI Agency cited in the Blog, and Ms. Ince, as Chairperson and de facto CEO of the CBI?

(4). In the ‘Meetings’ euphemistically speaking, which the Prime Minister and Ms. Ince are purported to have had according to the Blogger, what other matters of State, including matters of national security would have been discussed and divulged on the medium that the blogger said he has?

(5). In addition to her participation in ‘Meetings’ with the Prime Minister, what are the substantive responsibilities included in Ms. Ince’s job description?

(6). If Ms. Ince truly wishes to conclusively destroy and eviscerate the allegation made by the Blogger, why does she not get the Service Provider to dispute what the Blogger said he has?

(7). Isn’t this a very appropriate ‘smoking gun” for Ms. Ince to use to totally destroy the credibility of the Blogger and silence him once and for all?

(8). Why has Ms. Ince not addressed ANY of the specific allegations contained in the Blog which she brings into the public domain via her Denial Statement?

(9). Who pays the salary of Ms. Ince and how much is she paid? Are there any other contributions to her emoluments or to her compensation package, whether handled by the Government of Grenada or by other Parties?

In the opinion of THE NEW TODAY, when the alleged relationship between Ms. Ince and the Prime Minister expands to include allegations of possible payments for favours with Foreign CBI Agents, our concern as Grenadians must be expanded to a unanimous call for a criminal probe.

By her robust tone and tenor, but factually deficient denial, Ms. Ince has pointed us to potent allegations, which at the very least raise serious doubt.

Surely, it is in Ms. Ince’s interest to clear up these allegations given the weight of the circumstantial evidence and the weak, diffuse and non-specific nature of her own response.

THE NEW TODAY believes that Grenadians, in demanding adherence by public officials to the tenets and precepts of good governance, should accept nothing short of a complete response.

Let it not be thought that the conduct of the Prime Minister in the face of these allegations and in respect of his utterances at the public meeting at Carlton Junction on Sunday night is undeserving of public censure and opprobrium.

The Prime Minister’s responsibility in the face of all these allegations now unfolding in the public domain merits its own separate searching examination.

These allegations have now been catapulted into a matter of public interest with which every right-thinking Grenadian ought to be properly disturbed about.

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