Use and Dump!!!

THE NEW TODAY is not surprised at the decision of the ruling New National Party (NNP) not to sign onto the Political Code of Conduct put together by Civil Society to govern the upcoming general election.
The election will be the “Mother of All Battles” with a lot at stake in particular for the leaders of the two main political parties – Dr. Mitchell for NNP and Nazim Burke of the main opposition National Democratic Congress.

The electorate will soon cast their ballots that will determine the political future of the ageing 71-year old PM Mitchell and Burke who is seeking to regain the traditional NDC stronghold of St. George North-east.
Dr. Mitchell sees himself as the “Maximum Leader” of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique and will not subdue himself to an organisation like the Civil Society Grouping.

The records will show that over the years, he has taken swipes at one of the major players in the group, GRENCODA’s Judy Williams.

The decision of NNP not to sign the Code raises once again the track record of PM Mitchell of being a user and abuser of people and things once he no longer has any need for them.

The Prime Minister was quick to approach the Social Partners and the Civil Society Grouping to help put together the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) when he returned to office in 2013.

It was with the “Blessings” of these Groupings that he was able to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance to strike a deal to put measures in place to deal with a crippling fiscal situation including high debt payments.

The Social Partners and Civil Society played a key role in getting the country to accept the package of austerity measures that came with the SAP.

The voices of Civil Society could be heard in the fight to arrive at a settlement in the freezing of salaries of public officers during the 3 years of the programme.

With the general election fast approaching, the NNP and its leaders have given the thumbs down to the Code of Conduct put together by Civil Society.

THE NEW TODAY is forced to ask the question: Why is there a deafening silence now from the likes of Rev. Osbert James and Fr. Sean of the Catholic Church on the NNP position on the political code?

The Civil Society Grouping was needed as window dressing for the SAP but it is now being kept at arm’s length with political power at stake in a general election.

THE NEW TODAY is convinced that the Maximum Leader is not prepared to allow anyone to “muzzle” his mouth in the upcoming battle which can be vicious and brutal with so much at stake.

Dr. Mitchell already has a reputation of not playing fair – attacking many persons in the halls of Parliament where they have no voice to respond to him.

In the past month, the signal coming from him is that he intends to “beat up” on Nazim Burke and finish him off politically and civil society will not be allowed to get in his way.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to urge Grenadians to pay particular attention to what is happening in the country especially in the area of foreign investment.

There was a conference held last week in which the island saw an invasion of Russians.

This newspaper is doubtful that Grenada can return to the days of 1979-83 when communist or Marxist orientation was the order of the day through close relations with Cuba, the Soviet Union and the satellite states like East Germany, Hungary and North Korea.

A Russian outfit has landed an agreement with the Mitchell-led NNP regime to take charge of the oil and gas exploration in Grenada’s territorial waters.

The Russians might now be looking with greedy eyes at our passports due to the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme.

The Russians came in St. George’s last week for a conference billed “A New Dawn” in which the promoters said that its intention was to offer “ample opportunity for leaders to share their ideas on regional and global economy and trade”.

As we understand it, the meeting was designed to attract among others finance experts “to share their ideas on regional and global economy and trade as well as provide a platform for developing nations to explore new opportunities with their larger, more established counterparts”.

The major global news items making the rounds today is how the rich and mighty especially in politics hide their money in offshore jurisdictions and engage in buying second, and sometime third citizenships all over the place to do their business.

A lot is at stake in the upcoming general election and the place could be dirty with suspicious Russian money to influence the outcome of the poll.

A word to the wise is sufficient for the time being.

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