The Panorama fiasco!!!

THE NEW TODAY is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the inquiry as announced by government into the fiasco that resulted in the cancellation of the national panorama championship last Saturday night at the national stadium.

There has been no official statement from the government set-up body known as Spicemas Corporation (SMC) as to what might have triggered the decision to call off the show that turned out to be a grave and serious national embarrassment.

Quite naturally, there has been all kinds of speculation from the public in the face of what appears to be a black-out on information from the panorama organisers.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell has stated publicly and quite rightfully that anyone who is found culpable for the no-show that was panorama cannot be expected to remain in their position.

This newspaper can only conclude that the Prime Minister is prepared to take decisive action against even his own Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood and the SMC Chief Executive Officer, Kirk Seetahal.

The cancellation of the annual Panorama competition has created a number of problems for SMC including the return of money for tickets purchased by patrons.

It is our understanding that several persons had already entered the Panorama venue at The National Stadium when the decision was taken over an hour after the scheduled start to call off the show.

Persons are claiming that on leaving the venue nothing was given to them to take back to the ticket outlets to recover their monies.

It will be interesting to see how SMC handles this particular problem.

THE NEW TODAY has been told by a number of persons that they come to Grenada every year to attend only the Panorama competition and have no interest in the other aspects of Spicemas.

The “No-show” that was Panorama might have left a bitter taste in their mouths.

There is talk about holding Panorama on Saturday but that can put some of the steelbands at a serious disadvantage.

Our information is that some of the bands like Flow Commancheros, Republic Bank Angel Harps and Coyaba New Dimensions have pannists who are flying out of the island to take part in this weekend’s Carifesta in Barbados.

Any resolution to the panorama fiasco must include a reasonable compensation package for all bands that were down to perform in the competition for their transportation and waste of time on the night in question.

Who can guarantee that the overseas Grenadians and foreigners who came for Panorama will still be on the island Saturday to attend the show?

The panmen must also take a deep look into their own representation at the level of SMC.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Pan has a representative serving on the SMC governing board and questions ought to be asked about that individual.

It will be interesting to find out what kind of information was filtered to the pan association by the member as regards the readiness and lack thereof of SMC to put on a Panorama competition as part of the 2017 Spicemas.

Was information forthcoming and what did the pan association do with the information given by its representative on the SMC board?

If that is the case then the panmen will have to shoulder some of the blame for what transpired on Saturday night.

However, if the representative of pan on the SMC Board was found to be sleeping on the job then the association should fall in line with the pronouncement made by the Prime Minister and take action against its own representative.

And the public also needs to know that taxpayers money were used to bring in foreign judges from Trinidad to adjudicate the panorama show.

Those involved in putting on this important cultural showpiece for us called Spicemas had 52 long weeks to learn from the mistakes of 2016 and rectify all the problems for 2017.

Pointing fingers at Judah Sound system for the failure to have a stage in place last Saturday night should not cut it with anybody worth their salt.

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