“Unmasking the masked man”

Former Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the ruling New National Party (NNP), Terrence Forrester is getting a bashing in some sections of the electronic and social media for not “unmasking the real masked man” in the Office of the Prime Minister.

THE NEW TODAY got the impression that persons were expecting Forrester to make some nasty and damaging personal revelations about Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell at his much-publicised press conference on Monday morning.

Quite frankly, this newspaper never expected the embattled senior NNP Executive member to walk along that path.

However, Forrester delivered some telling blows on the Prime Minister which no other high-level party member had ever done before about their political leader.

He painted PM Mitchell as “a dictator” and one who was vindictive and would crush anyone who opposed him or got in his way.

Those statements were made one week after the Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda, Gaston Browne stormed out of Grenada and cut short his attendance at the CARICOM summit during a public spat with the Grenadian leader.

The Press Secretary to the Antiguan leader said his boss departed because he felt that he was “ambushed” by PM Mitchell who used his public opening address to talk down to some of his colleague regional leaders on sensitive issues like Liat and West Indies cricket.

A statement eventually issued by the Antiguan leader after he got back home described PM Mitchell in exactly the same manner as Forrester.

An upset PM Browne accused Mitchell of wanting to have his own way on dismantling the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) regardless of the views of other CARICOM leaders.

Two telling statements were made that touched on the character of Dr. Mitchell by his counterpart from Antigua.

“…There is a particular head who is of the view and I might add here the flawed opinion that with my support and other heads that he could achieve his compulsive, obsessive desire to dissolve the board”.

“As leaders, we should know our limitations and control our aspirations by ensuring that they do not exceed our limitations and I just want to say here too that we should also respect the rights of individual heads…very, very important”.

It is not often that the region will hear a Caribbean Prime Minister describe another as having a “compulsive” and “obsessive desire” to carry out his agenda.

This is precisely what Mr. Forrester was telling reporters and by extension the nation about the behaviour of his own Political Leader after the fall out on the candidate selection process by NNP in St. George South.

Did anyone miss out on what Mr. Forrester said about PM Mitchell breaking the rules of the party as he and the other “yes men and women” in the National Executive hand-picked Health Minister Nickolas Steele as the Caretaker?

This is a damning statement. If what Forrester is saying is true can anyone with a reasonable mind not conclude that the Prime Minister might flout the Grenada Constitution and break the law of the land if given a chance?

Mr. Forrester is lucky to have been given a chance to put forward his case before the NNP Executive in late June on his ambitions to put himself up as a possible Caretaker for the party in the South.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Grace Duncan who was sacked from the Cabinet by Prime Minister Mitchell in his first term between 1995 and 1999 is still bemoaning the way she was sent packing without a hearing.

It is our understanding that Dr. Mitchell accused the female St. John Member of Parliament at a Cabinet meeting of leaking government information to the media.

Ms. Duncan was attempting to respond but PM Mitchell quickly shut her up with words to the effect: “ah don’t want to hear you”.

The Prime Minister quickly called for the prayers to be said and abruptly ended the Cabinet meeting and thus denied his deputy an opportunity to defend herself against such grave and serious allegations he made against her.

Poor Grace Duncan, nearly eighteen years later she is still waiting on the promise made by Prime Minister Mitchell to give details to the nation on the information that she allegedly leaked to the media.

Was this a smokescreen by Dr. Mitchell since the real reason could be the public utterances by the former female Deputy Prime Minister that he was behaving like a real “little boy” as Prime Minister of the country?

Mr. Terry Forrester has been around for a long time in local politics and should understand the phrase: “Stand up dey and feel the weight of the Revo” as our leaders take action against those who do not “fall in line”.

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