The pillars wobbling!!!

The above headline is the perfect description of what is happening within “The House” of the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The pillars are shaking and wobbling as the ruling party gets ready to face the next general election with a spate of internal wrangling.

Two of the stalwarts of the NNP – Terry Forrester and Joslyn Whiteman – have come forward this week to “wash” some of the NNP dirty linens in the public arena.

The NNP is also facing a crisis on the sister isle of Carriacou & Petite Martinique with warring factions at work – one loyal to the handpicked Caretaker, Kindra Maturine-Stewart, and the other to Sen. Nolan Cox who many indicated won the popular vote.

THE NEW TODAY is confident that the Terry Forrester/Keith Mitchell conflict has reached beyond the point of healing and rapproachment.

Mr. Forrester has used some very harsh language in referring to the current occupant in the Office of the Prime Minister and likened him to being the real “mask man” in the Botanical Gardens.

The nation has been put on notice by the man known for over 30 years as the official mouthpiece of the NNP that he intends to make some damning revelations on Monday morning about the Prime Minister and to fully unmask him.

If Mr. Forrester fails to deliver on his promise then he can consider himself as dead and finished politically.

This newspaper gets the sense that Mr. Forrester feels very hurt and badly let down by a man that he defended against all the odds over the past 33 years.

And Forrester was insulted by Prime Minister Mitchell who told him before colleague executive ministers last month that he did nothing for him (Dr. Mitchell) over the years and whatever he did was done for the party and not him.

Mr. Forrester is now feeling what so many others before him has had to go through – dumped when no longer useful to the Maximum Leader.

The list reads – Grace Duncan, Laurina Waldron, Michael Baptiste, Mark Isaac, the late Dr. Raphael Fletcher, Reynold Benjamin, Devon Rachae, Joslyn Whiteman, and the infamous Karl Hood.

The Carriacou situation is also rather interesting and is a manifestation of a bigger and much wider problem within the NNP.

Dr. Mitchell understands the numbers game and is doubtful of the loyalty of Sen. Cox who was a strong Congress supporter before switching sides.

He is sure that attorney Maturine-Stewart has solid NNP blood within her veins and can be counted upon as a loyalist to neutralise any moves to unseat him as what he himself did to late PM Herbert Blaize in 1989.

THE NEW TODAY understands that outgoing Member of Parliament for Carriacou, Deputy Prime Minister Elvin Nimrod has “endorsed” his female legal colleague as heir to the throne and not Cox.

The fear is that the renegade former Congress General Secretary, Peter David might be lining up troops within the NNP for an onslaught on the leadership “at the right time”.

The information picked up by this newspaper is that attorney Maturine-Stewart in the hearing of the Prime Minister pointed an accusing finger at David for seeking to meddle in the internal affairs of NNP in Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The Prime Minister reportedly asked her to apologise for the comment and although she did is believed to be still holding the view that David cannot be trusted and might have his own designs to control NNP in the future.

The bottom line is that NNP is a divided bunch on the sister isle and even in the powerful New York area where supporters of both Cox and the establishment that is backing Maturine-Stewart are engaged in a slinging match.

THE NEW TODAY has been observing the total silence on the internal feuding within NNP by the so-called leftist elements who went into the party after helping to bring down Congress in 2013.

The leftist spin doctors are not sleeping and will soon come up with a distraction to defocus the minds of the people from the real and burning issues now confronting NNP.

The Peter David supporters fully understand that if NNP is defeated in the upcoming general election that will bring an end to their own political careers.

But the small band of leftwingers now inside the ruling party is powerless as Dr. Mitchell is smart enough to give them only “crumbs” from the table while holding onto the NNP big stick to maintain his stranglehold on power.

Has anyone given thought that what is happening within NNP on the heels of the upcoming general elections might be the work of a greater being who knows all the inner thoughts of man?

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