NadMA got it wrong!!!


This is the word that THE NEW TODAY can come up with to describe the work of NadMA during the recent passage of Tropical Storm Bret.

It is clear to us that this important body is lacking in experienced persons and is badly disorganised at the moment.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell who is the Line Minister, should move quickly to appoint a Co-ordinator for NadMA to head the agency.

The acting head, Terrence Walters was reassigned to a position in the Ministry of Health a few months ago and the post is still to be filled at the start of the hurricane season.

Is Sen. Winston Garraway filling the void and acting as the Co-ordinator at Nadma?

Mr. Prime Minister, Grenada needs people with experience at Nadma given the lessons of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

The country was unprepared for what happened 13 years ago and a similar situation is creeping back under your watch.

Disaster management is about NadMa getting the relevant information from the Met Office at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA)and knowing what to do with it since it involves an understanding of the science.

The role of the Met Office is to provide information to NadMA on the weather in the area and it is the responsibility of the latter to know how to advise the public on what was relayed to them.

A bulletin put out by the agency at 5.00 a.m Tuesday indicated that all “schools and businesses” should re-open as Bret was no longer a threat.

But the same message said the following: “Nationals are asked to remain vigilant as there may be unexpected gusts and rainfall”.

So why should parents send their children out to school and get caught up with the “unexpected gusts and rainfall” that can happen as the system is still in the area?

The weather is something that has to be constantly monitored and one cannot make hasty decisions hence the need for competent, experienced and qualified persons at NadMA.

No one is denying that the eye of Bret had passed through overnight but the system itself had not passed and the warning should not have been totally removed.

The fact is that the Northern Quadrant of Bret is the one with the weather and was still hovering around us.

It is this that brought the rainfall that the country saw early Tuesday morning.

The system extended 70 miles away from the eye. So even if the eye passed us, we still had to take into consideration that there was 70 miles of weather to contend with. Did NadMA understand this?

This is the warning that came from both Miami and Trinidad that there will be rainfall throughout the day.

Another questionable decision was taken on Monday to send home the school children early when the sun was out.

The kids were sent home but the parents were still kept at the workplace.

This goes against the very advice given by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to parents to make sure that the children are always attended to at home by an adult.

If the children are being sent home a decision should have also been taken to ask business places to close early so that parents can be at home with the children.

Mr. Prime Minister, there should be no playing of politics with NadMA – put people who know about Disaster Management to run the agency.

It is not simply a matter of only looking to put the “correct political persons” to work at the agency.

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