CBI on trial!!!

The unfolding saga in the missing US$1 million dollar affair involving CBI Agent, Robert Martin Oveson and U.S-born Roger Ver will only hurt the image of Grenada’s passport-selling scheme known as Citizenship By Investment (CBI).

Mr. Ver has made a serious allegation about the conduct of Mr. Oveson who is the Managing Director of NTL Trust, a company that operates out of an office in Nevis and is listed on the Grenada Government website as an approved CBI agent.

Mr. Oveson is identified on the NTL Trust website as its Managing Director so no one can deny that he is a Grenada CBI operative.

Mr. Ver is alleging that he was “tricked” by this CBI agent into sending him the US$1 million for a Grenada passport which he did not get and that his money was not sent back to him.

During the launch of the Levera project in November 2016 at which the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell was present, it was revealed there that the project was being started with seed funds that Oveson and his elder brother, Randall had collected through the CBI and other means.

Was Mr. Ver US$1 million part of that money which was put then at US$7 million?

The simple question to be answered is this: Did Mr. Ver get back the US$1 million in light of the fact that he claimed that he did not obtain the Grenada passport that he was promised by Mr. Oveson?.

THE NEW TODAY would hate to think that Mr. Ver is a mischief maker by knowingly receiving his money back, and be so bold-faced and brazen enough to file a Criminal complaint against Mr. Oveson for this “missing” money.

It can only be the action of a mad man to fly all the way from Tokyo, Japan to Grenada in February this year and walk into the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to make such a report to the police about alleged fraud.

Any serious investigation by the authorities in Grenada into the status of the missing US$1 million dollars can be wrapped up within a week.

It is now four months since Mr. Ver sent a hand delivered letter to Mrs. Kaisha Ince, the former Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister on the missing money.

Mr. Ver claims that the money was sent to a specific account in a local commercial bank.

That being the case, the bank has a statutory responsibility to inform the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), headed by Superintendent Tafawa Pierre that this money had come into the country, the source of the funds and for what purpose.

If the money was returned to Mr. Ver the bank will have that information and the FIU can easily get it.

The FIU has the power to call in the law firm in whose name the account is listed to give all the particulars concerning its receipt of the “missing” US$1 million.

It might also be in the interest of the named law firm to issue a public statement to clear the air on its involvement in this matter.

The government cannot continue to hide behind the veil that the Ver/Oveson affair is a “private “matter and does not involve them.

This was a US$1 million transaction that involved Grenada “CBI Agents” and Mr. Ver for monies intended for a Grenada passport and to develop Levera, a project approved by the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration as a CBI approved project.

The Prime Minister was seen at Levera on November 9, 2016 in the company of Mr. Robert Martin Oveson and others with spade in hand turning the soil to formally launch the project.

Why was Dr. Mitchell there when he should have known since November 1, 2016 that a serious allegation was made against CBI agent, NTL Trust and its principal figure, Robert Martin Oveson about an alleged fraud of Ver’s US$1 million?

Two later on November 3, then PS Ince wrote a letter to Mr. Ver informing him that an investigation was launched into his complaint against the two CBI agents who were identified and named in his hand delivered correspondence.

The most prudent thing any Prime Minister would have done, once armed with such information, is to push back the launch of the Levera project until the missing US$1 million was investigated by FIU or CID and cleared up.

Minister Nicholas Steele indicated at Tuesday’s post-Cabinet press briefing that the government had investigated the matter and seemingly determined that there was no basis in the claim made by Mr. Ver.

THE NEW TODAY awaits the outcome of the Criminal Investigation now ordered into Mr. Ver’s complaint by DPP Christopher Nelson and the Civil lawsuit filed in the matter that should have started Wednesday in High Court No.3 on the Carenage.

The Grenada CBI is indeed now on trial in the open.

Grenadians, please be on guard that the visa free travel that was lost to Canada could now be extended to other visa-free travel countries due to this CBI programme in light of this scandal surrounding Mr. Ver’s money and Grenada CBI Agents.

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