Robert Martin vs Robert Martin Oveson

THE NEW TODAY is unearthing some rather interesting information about one Robert Martin who seems to be also known as Robert Martin Oveson.

This individual who is from Utah in the United States first came to our attention in relation to the Levera project.

Several investors in a condo/housing unit project in Mexico have made serious allegations of fraud against Mr. Oveson who took their money and failed to deliver their housing units.

It is now emerging that the same gentleman is the Managing Director of a company that has been approved by the current New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell to help sell Grenadian passports.

This newspaper has obtained the Business Card that Mr. Martin/Oveson had been using to promote himself in Grenada.

This card identifies him as Robert Martin and that his business company is known as NTL Trust.

An investigation done by this newspaper revealed that this company is an agent in Grenada’s passport selling scheme and that Mr. Martin/Oveson is in fact the Managing Director of the business.

The government cannot continue to remain silent as if nothing has happened and everything is alright with this individual with a criminal record that is marketing our passports.

This Martin/Oveson individual is not a fit and proper person to be engaged directly, indirectly or otherwise in the sale of Grenadian passports.

The court record in Utah identifies him as one with not only a criminal record but also a man who at times is under the influence of alcohol.

Grenada does not belong to the leaders of NNP or the National Democratic Congress (NDC) when the people put them into office. The political parties are only the trustees of the people’s property but some of them behave as if Grenada is their own little piece of real estate.

The people have a right to know if Mr. Martin/Oveson is the holder of a Grenadian passport under the Citizenship By Investment programme.

If such is the case, the passport should be recalled based on the evidence that is coming to the fore about this man and his questionable past.

This individual who came into the country posing as Robert Martin as evidenced by a Business Card that carries that name also signed documents filed in our Supreme Court Registry as Robert Martin Oveson.

If anyone attempted to do a Google search of Robert Martin they will never be able to find him and link him to that criminal record in Utah in the United States.

Was this individual deliberately trying to hide his true identity in seeking to do business in Grenada?

The Robert Martin/Robert Martin Oveson affair raises serious questions about the type of Due Diligence that is done by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) headed by Supt. Tafawa Pierre.

On the face of it, the NNP has seemingly set up a sort of incestuous cabal in which the passport-selling scheme is being run and managed by the husbands and wives of the NNP hierarchy.

The Head of the FIU is the husband of a government minister and the husband of another government minister runs the agency that has oversight for the programme.

It is further compounded by the fact that one of these female ministers is now identified as the Line Minister for the passport-selling scheme.

THE NEW TODAY is calling on Opposition Senators to use whatever influence they can to get Supt. Pierre and Steve Horsford to provide answers to the people of Grenada on the Due Diligence that was done on Oveson and NTL Trust that is peddling Grenadian passports.

Under the NNP rule, Grenada is always giving the impression that the island is a magnet for attracting crooks, conmen and undesirable elements as investors.

There is no need to delve into the dealings of the likes of Van Brink, Rita Regala, Eric Resteiner and Company and the US$500, 000.00 briefcase scandal that took place in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

The U.S Government has the evidence of these acts of wrongdoing.

If might just be possible that President Donald Trump is the one who would act against those Caribbean leaders who are currently selling passports and helping to facilitate terrorists that pose security problems for the West.

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