The Levera red flag!!!

Another red flag has been raised about a foreign investor who has come to Grenada to do business on the island.

THE NEW TODAY believe that the relevant authorities should look into allegations being made by U.S and Canadian citizens about one Robert Martin Oveson who is the latest individual to get involved in the Levera project in St. Patrick.

Mr. Oveson and his associates have established two companies on the island in recent months – Levera Trading Ltd and Grenada Citizenship Development Ltd – the latter to do business in the sale of Grenadian passports.

Mr. Oveson is a native of Utah in the United States but in the records at the Supreme Court Registry in Grenada, the address listed for him is Long Point Road in Charlestown, Nevis.

This newspaper has been able to establish contact with a number of persons both in the U.S and Canada whose advice to the Government and People of Grenada is to stay as far away as possible from this Levera developer.

Our investigations reveal that Mr. Oveson was involved in a project in Mazanillo,  Mexico in the early 2000’s and left several persons who bought into his project with deep and gaping holes in their pockets.

It will be rather unfortunate if this current New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell would allow another First Bank fiasco to take place under his watch in the anxiety to facilitate foreign investors.

Mr. Oveson might not have committed any fraudulent acts in Grenada but it should be of concern to the powers-that-be that our island is not used by any unsavory character that might be tempted to use our shores as a safe haven to commit wrongs against foreign nationals.

Would Canada reconsider lifting the visa restriction imposed on Grenadians if the authorities in St. George’s allow the island to be used by persons who engage in schemes to rip-off their citizens?

This newspaper is also concerned about the alleged track record of Mr. Oveson when it came to paying the bills of persons contracted to supply services and material for his failed project in Mexico.

This is what one of the affected investors said of Mr. Oveson: “…Through lies, deceit and fraud, Oveson and family (members) obtained well in excess of a million U.S. dollars from Canadian and American purchasers. Also they did not pay some of the contractors, suppliers and workers on the site and in the hotel and they also were defrauded, with a very few taking legal action”.

By and large, the hardware stores in Grenada operate on a small scale and cannot compare in size and scope with those in larger countries like Mexico, the U.S and Canada.

It is a warning to all of them to avoid the pitfalls of those who suffered financial losses from the exploits of Mr. Oveson – the man now behind the Levera project in St. Patrick.

The man from Utah in the United States but who gave Nevis as his home address should come forward before the Grenadian people and respond to those serious and grave allegations being made against him.

If anyone were to do a goggle search of the name Robert Martin Oveson it will take them to an internet page with a picture of the individual with an address listed as: Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid #1017, int.

4, Colonia Playa Azul, Manzanillo, Colima C.P. 28860.

It is the exact address given to us by persons in North America who have accused Mr. Oveson of committing alleged fraud against them.

The following is excerpt from a piece of correspondence sent to us by a retired Canadian national, Robert Mason who has been pursuing Mr. Oveson for wrongs allegedly committed against him on the project in Mexico in which he allegedly lost thousands of dollars.

Mr. Mason filed a case of fraud and has been seeking to get an arrest warrant for INTERPOL to execute on the man now involved in the Levera development.

This is what Mr. Mason said: “ In support of the application for the Extradition Order, in August 2014, my wife and I were required to travel to Guadalajara, Mexico, the capital of the State of Jalisco in which the property and our legal action and judgement were registered.

We then met with the State Ministerio Publico (effectively the State Attorney General) and then signed affidavits identifying Robert Martin Oveson from photographs which we were shown.

This affidavit and supporting documentation was then sent to the Federal authorities in Mexico City for processing with Interpol”.

Isn’t this sufficient of a red flag for the local FIU to start the ball rolling and start looking with a hawk’s eye in the direction of Robert Martin Oveson?

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