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THE NEW TODAY wish to be associated with several of the comments made by Evan Bhola in a letter appearing in this week’s issue of the paper in response to certain statements made by Roman Catholic Priest, Father Gerard Paul at an event held in Tivoli to commemorate the October 25, 1983 tragedy in the country.

Mr. Bhola’s remarks are bang on target especially in light of the deliberate attempts being made by some people in the country to rewrite the history of the so-called glorious March 13, 1979 Grenada Revolution.

This newspaper states unequivocally that the Revolution created by Maurice Bishop and the New Jewel Movement (NJM) was born in deceit and died in deceit.

The unfolding events that led up to the bloody carnage on Fort George on October 19, 1983 gave credence to Gairy’s famous statement that Bishop will go out exactly the same way in which he came in power – a bullet from the barrel of a gun.

The proponents of the Revolution would like to make the younger generation in the country believe that the revolution was all about the building of an airport at Point Salines, creation of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), attempting to tackle adult literacy and sending Grenadians to Cuba and other communist countries to be educated to come back home and serve the people.

A number of families are still hurting and cannot bring closure to the pain and suffering inflicted on them and loved ones at the hands of some cruel ad wicked elements within the Revolution.

Grenadians can remember the bomb blast at Queen’s Park in which some young and innocent persons were blown apart.

The makers of the bomb were clearly attempting to eliminate Bishop and the other top leaders of the Grenada Revolution.

But who were the makers of the bomb? And where did they get the training to make such a deadly bomb?

If the people who can answer the questions are truthful they will tell you that the Tivoli Gang members behind the bomb were taught the technique of bomb-making by foreign experts who were brought in the country by the same Bishop, Bernard Coard and other NJM leaders.

The locals who were exposed to bomb-making were being trained as part of the struggle to overthrow Gairy and his elected Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) government.

The question is this – prior to 1979, did the Tivoli bomb-makers  intend to use the devise to kill Gairy and his supporters and probably many other innocent Grenadians in order to bring about the Grenada Revolution?

This newspaper is also calling on the surviving leaders of the Grenada Revolution to bring closure to the Stanislaus family on the slaughter of their loved ones in a deadly night ambush in Plains in St. Patrick.

Who killed these innocent Grenadians? Was it the Muslims or a section of the PRA led by a certain army Captain?

This newspaper was in contact with a now deceased army commander who was trying to put us in touch with one of the soldiers who took part in the ambush on the vehicle occupied by the Stanislaus brothers.

The information gathered points to a PRA unit getting information that the wanted Muslims were spotted earlier in the day driving in a vehicle that resembled the same one being used by Stanisclaus who was visiting the island briefly from England.

The speculation is that when the army opened fire on the vehicle it became obvious that the wrong one was being fired upon – not the one allegedly used by the Muslims – and the order was then given by this Army Captain to kill everyone in the vehicle since dead men tell no tale.

There are also some within the so-called Grenada 17 who were charged after the collapse of the revolution with causing grievous bodily harm to a few of their own countrymen.

These brutal charges which were later dropped related to slicing the private parts of some so-called counter-revolutionaries especially in rural Grenada.

This is all part of the history of the Grenada Revolution – it’s not only the “good” things done by Bishop and company – and our pepole ought to know these things.

Mr. Bhola is absolutely right – the church, not only the Catholic but others remained quiet and were too timid to openly speak out against the abuses and atrocities of the revolution.

There was one revolutionary, a Security Chief, who infiltrated the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and kept the Revolutionary leadership of the country back in the 1979-83 era fully informed of the activities of the religious community.

Fr. Gerard Paul was too young to be informed about these developments.

Finally, THE NEW TODAY would like to extend sympathy to the family members of late Prime Minister Sir Nicholas Brathwaite who passed away one week ago.

Unfortunately, we wish to adhere to the wishes of Sir Nick that there should be no tributes paid to him on his passing. Two of his other wishes – no state funeral and no eulogy at his church services.

This newspaper would like to say that if there is one regret in Sir Nicholas’ later life is that the gains of the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) under his 1990-95 administration after the country was declared as uncreditworthy, were squandered in the past 20 years by a massive borrowing and spending spree that forced the island from 2013 onwards to face the bitter austerity measures that are often associated with the IMF.

One thing is sure – the likes of Sir Nicholas would most likely not be produced by Grenada for many decades.
May His Soul Rest in peace!!!

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