Congrats to Gov’t and King Kirani

THE NEW TODAY would like to congratulate government on the decision taken to rename the Athletics stadium at Queen’s Park after Kirani James.

He is the most worthy person on the planet to be so honoured with our athletics stadium.

No other Grenadian – whether alive or dead – could have deserved the stadium being named after them.

Kirani is one of the best sporting ambassadors for this country by miles.

His promotion of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique far outweighs the budget of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Ministry of Tourism.

This newspaper is very proud of just how magnanimous Kirani was in defeat after he finished second in the Men 400 metres on Monday night at the Olympics in Rio.

As is customary, our “Golden Boy” in athletics was quick to congratulate the winner and the other competitors who all ran in the final.

This is the quality of a gentleman and a true ambassador for the Spice Isle – unlike those who have brought shame and disgrace to our name in the international community in recent times.

Our message to fellow Grenadians is that we need to always look at the bigger picture at times.

It is not only the medal that we have to be proud of but also the respect that King Kirani has earned for us internationally.

Kirani is a star athlete and one who will continue to do us proud in more races at the international level.

The fact of the matter is that he was beaten on Monday night in a race by an athlete who had to break the world record to finish in the top spot.

The South African did what no other athlete in the world has ever done in running the 400M in such blistering speed in terms of each and very 100M aspect of the race.

The challenge now for The Jaguar is to go back on the drawing board with his team and make the necessary changes in order to be more competitive against the new world record holder.

It could be done because Kirani has many more years of running in his legs at this level once he remains healthy and injury free.

This newspaper wants to congratulate Kirani and the rest of the team that did this small dot of an island in the Eastern Caribbean so proud on the biggest world stage for athletes to show off their prowess.

Government is on the right track by thinking about a ceremony for all the athletes to show appreciation for their showcasing of Grenada at Rio.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to make some passing comments on the recent death of Bruce Briggs who was shot in the leg by a policeman and apparently bled to death.

It is rather unfortunate that in these modern times someone would succumb due to the type of injury suffered by the deceased.

The Minister of Health and his team would have to take a serious look into this matter including all the relevant circumstances with a view to correcting the shortcomings.

Our hospital is about five minutes drive away from the scene of the shooting and one wonders why did the ambulance take such a long time to reach the destination?

It is very unlikely that the reason could be traffic congestion because town was asleep at 2.30 a.m.

Was there competent people in the team dispatched by the hospital with the ambulance who could have determined on the spot that this individual needed to be rushed to the hospital as quick as possible in order to get urgent treatment for the wound?

How long was Mr. Briggs left to lie on the ground even after the medical team had arrived on the scene and then took him away to the hospital?

It is long pass the time for action at the St. George’s General hospital in light of the frequent complaints from the public-at-large about the below par performance from our hospital care providers.

Let us do something and eradicate the belief in so many Grenadians that our hospitals are just a death trap for patients and a financial feeding ground for the undertakers doing business on the island.

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