A frightening state of affairs!!!

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) will have to come up with a strategy to offer greater security and protection to the public when in the city of St. George’s.

Two recent shooting incidents involving the use of firearms by questionable persons should send home the message to the hierarchy of the Force that something has to be done quickly to stamp out the spate of unlawful activities in the heart of the town.

A stray bullet could have easily taken the life of an innocent person who was going about his/her lawful business in the city.

There were complaints from some sections of the public that those arms of the force responsible for combating such menace took too long to arrive on the scene.

This is something that has to be looked at by the RGPF hierarchy in light of the fact that there is no permanent police post in the heart of the city.

With the removal of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) from Hillsborough Street some time ago, there is no visible police place within an arm’s length of the Market Square and those other busy streets in the city.

The powers-that-be should give some thought to doing a facelift on the Town Hall building and putting it at the disposal of the police to have a greater presence in the town from a security point of view.

THE NEW TODAY is not advocating the need for the country to be turned into a police state.

The fact of the matter is that there is a cruise ship terminal in the city and one should look at the capability and capacity of the Security Forces to respond within minutes to any potential threat in and around that facility.

The area known as “Jam Rock” in the Market Square is turning out to be a “hotbed” and should be addressed by our law enforcement officials as a matter of urgency.

This newspaper has reason to believe that the police are fully aware of some of the activities – at this infamous place in the city.

“Jam Rock” would have been put under “heavy, heavy manners” during the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution as the Security Forces adopted a zero tolerance approach to certain illegal activities in the country.

The Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston James and the other members of the High Command must not be seen to be doing nothing or giving the appearance of being lame ducks while certain elements run amuck in the city.

Two shooting incidents in Town within a month are two incidents too much.

Those in charge of security in the country should see the latest shootings as a warning to citizens that all is not well on the home front and something is definitely wrong and “we need to wet the smoke before it reaches the stage of a burning fire”.

THE NEW TODAY would like to make some passing comments about the just-ended Labour Day celebrations in Grenada.

As expected, the workers used the occasion to express their feelings about their current economic and financial situation in light of the effects of government’s taxes on their spending power through the austerity measures that came with the Structural Adjustment Programme.

The President of the Grenada Trades Union Council (GTUC), Kenny James officially put government on notice that with the election drawing nearer, the workers will be judging them on Decision Day based on their failure to address a number of burning issues affecting them such as Pension and long outstanding increment payments.

The biggest disappointment for this newspaper was the failure of the General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL), Senator Chester Humphrey to sit on the platform with the other union leaders and official dignitaries who were invited for the event in St. Patrick.

The CCL is widely regarded as the umbrella body for all trade unions in the Caribbean region.

A Grenadian now holds the prestigious post of CCL General Secretary and was known to be in the country on Labour Day but somehow choose to send a solidarity message and absent himself from the official proceedings.

It is true that Sen. Humphrey has lost face with a vast majority of workers in the country especially members of the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) where he was forced to take a back seat and pass over the leadership to Andre Lewis.

Sen. Humphrey would have did the CCL a disservice by being in the country and not presenting himself in person on Labour Day on behalf of an organisation that sees itself as a champion for the working class people throughout our Caribbean region.

Shame on the CCL and its General Secretary for what we deem as nothing but reprehensible and despicable behaviour towards Grenadian workers on Labour Day.

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