Welcome to Spice country!!!

Grenada is preparing to welcome hundreds of athletes and officials from around the region for the hosting of another CARIFTA games.

THE NEW TODAY is optimistic that the country will give the usual Spice country welcome to our guests.

It is also our hope that the newly reconstructed athletic stadium at Queen’s Park will be filled to capacity during every session of the athletic meet.

The CARIFTA games provide us with an opportunity to see at an early stage the future track and field stars of the Caribbean.

All the region’s top athletes now blazing the track globally can be considered as products of the region’s premier sporting event for our athletes.

The likes of Usain Bolt of Jamaica and our own Kirani James made statements to the rest of the world when they became Carifta champions.

There is no need for us to recall the performances of these two gifted athletes who became worthy Olympic champions.

There is no reason why some of the winners at the St. George’s games cannot become Olympic medalists including the winners of gold medals at the 2020 Olympic games.

There is also another element to the CARIFTA games – some of the scouts from North America will be in St. George’s to look at the athletes on show in order to attract them to their universities on possible scholarships.

Our athletes would be smart enough to embrace the opportunity because it can change their lives in a very positive way at this early stage for the better.

In addition, the people who would have attended this weekend track & field games at the stadium can recall with a sense of happiness and pride that they did see these individuals blazing the track at Queen’s Park.

THE NEW TODAY would like to take this opportunity to congratulate another of our outstanding athletes on the world stage, Bralon Taplin for finishing in the 4th place in the 400 metres at the World Indoor track & field championship at Portland in the United States.

He did not win a medal but gave an outstanding performance among some of the best quarter milers in the world.

Taplin’s achievement should also be considered in the context of Grenada’s chances of putting together a competitive 4×400 metre relay team for the Rio Olympic games just months away.

Grenada can assembly a team, led by Kirani James, that has four athletes that can hold their own on the world stage against any opponent.

The island now has an opportunity of bringing back not only one but two medals from Rio if our athletes perform to the best of their potential.

THE NEW TODAY would like to make an appeal to all those who are going to the stadium for the weekend CARIFTA games to demonstrate the best possible behaviour that can be expected as the media not only from Grenada but outside will be there to provide coverage for the rest of the world.

We make this special appeal in light of reports circulating in some quarters about the unfortunate behaviour of some of the students who visited the stadium for the just-ended INTERCOL games.

There was some level of vandalism at the newly-built facility.

The report reaching us speak to students damaging all the emergency alarm systems in the bleachers and in the process setting off the alarms around the stadium.

We were told that the Emergency maintenance crew were trying to fix the problem during the Intercol Games and had to eventually shut down the system.

This is a system, that is there for the protection of all in the stadium including the very students who are expected to attend the games in their thousands.

Our people need to demonstrate better behaviour and to protect what is theirs. This kind of behaviour is happening too often at national treasures. When the first stadium was built at Queen’s Park and hosted its first one-day international cricket match between West Indies and Australia, the water and toilet fittings were vandalised by our own people.

THE NEW TODAY would not like to see a repeat of this rather unfortunate occurrence by anyone who will be attending this weekend’s CARIFTA games.

The security personnel should be vigilant and be on the lookout for anyone who is causing trouble at the stadium and deal with them appropriately.

But let us welcome our guests especially the hundreds of athletes and their support staff to the Spice Isle for the CARIFTA games.

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