Spin doctors at work

The New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell must be given credit for the manner in which it is seeking to deflect public attention from the current hot issue surrounding the Camerhogne Park.

The NNP is once again demonstrating that it has a well-oiled propaganda machinery to try and maintain its political stranglehold on the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The party has been able to keep most of the media houses on the island under its influence in keeping with the doctrine of the supremacy of the party but in Grenada’s case the dominance of the Maximum Leader.

The hotly debated topic in the country right now is the future of the people’s property in front of the Grand Anse beach known as Camerhogne Park.

However, the NNP Spin Doctors have sought to downplay the issue by seeking to introduce new issues on the front burner such as an alleged poll that was conducted by Peter Wickham of Barbados.

The message from the Barbadian pollster is that the NNP is on track to secure another clean sweep of all 15 seats in Grenada.

It is also interesting that Wickham is predicting that former Congress General Secretary, Peter David is in a good position to become a future Prime Minister of the country.

This is rather interesting for a man who does not hold an elected seat in the House of Representative.

Is the poll sending a message to the NNP that David has to be included in the 15-man line-up for the next general elections?

If that is so then it begs the question – which constituency? Close aides of the former Congress member have been hard at work on the ground telling a number of persons that David, now a Government Senator, is the “de facto” NNP Candidate in the next general election for his old Town of St. George constituency. That is an issue that the current rulers will have to address in due course.

The recent political and economic pronouncements by Wickham will not be able to push onto the backburner the Camerhogne Park issue as it is one that cuts across the political dividing line.

Sen. Ray Roberts and the others who are leading the campaign to keep the park for the use of Grenadians have been able to generate support from all sectors of the society.

Former NNP Government Minister Mark Isaac who is a frequent visitor and user of the Grand Anse beach has come out publicly with a statement that makes it clear that he is not batting on the same wicket with his Political Leader, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

There are other prominent NNP members and supporters who are quietly expressing a different opinion to that of their leaders.

The Prime Minister and his team are engaged in a serious battle not against the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Nazim Burke, as well as Sen. Roberts and the like but against the block of votes that helped him to his 15-0 clean sweep of the polls in February 2013.

Facebook and other social media are being used skillfully by the young people to express their strong opposition to the Park being taken away from them by government and given to an investor to build a hotel.

Was the Prime Minister aware that Camerhogne Park is transformed in the evening as young people take it over as their space to engage in their type of activities?

The older folks can be seen in the broad daylight using the park but as soon as the hours tick away in the afternoon it is the young people who take over that open space.

THE NEW TODAY would like to believe that the NNP Spin Doctors have a battle on their hands to try and control the contents on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other social media outlets used by the young people as they voice their continued opposition to moves afoot to change the status of the park.

Our political leaders are fully aware of the revolutionary use of social media to effect regime change in some parts of the world especially in the Middle East that resulted in the overthrow of many tyrants.

PM Mitchell has stated publicly that he does not intend to give political opponents any ammunition to beat him at the polls. That being the case one can assume that he has a plan to deal with the concerns of the young people on the Camerhogne Park issue.

THE NEW TODAY is looking on with careful and watchful eyes at the unfolding events out of a strong belief that a people and country get the government that they deserve.

This is a democratic country and not a one-party state as back in 1979-83 and people are given an opportunity once every five years as part of their constitutional right to vote into office the government of their choice.

The people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique spoke on February 19, 2013 and will have to live with their choice decision – whether it is now Structural Adjustment and price hikes, as well as the promise of jobs and more jobs through  the dismantling of the current Camerhogne Park.

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