Smash the criminals!!!

The place is getting “hot.”

THE NEW TODAY is not referring to the weather since December has been one of the wettest months for the year due to the frequency of the rain.

The “hot” that this newspaper is alluding to is the upsurge of criminal activities on the island within the past month.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) needs to become more proactive and to take concrete and affirmative steps to send clear signals to the criminal elements that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

The absence of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Edvin Martin, who took a one-year sabbatical to pursue a Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom is surely missed at this point in time.

ACP Martin, as Head of Operations of the police force, was a very pro-active individual and often made the public aware that the police are around the next corner and can easily come to their assistance.

Under his watch, the lawmen were more visible especially around Christmas as RGPF is fully aware that criminal elements get more active during the busy holiday period.

The city is overtaken by certain elements late at night as not a single policeman is seen on foot on any of the streets.

St. George’s gives the impression that it is a ghost town in the night – and this is to the advantage of the potential troublemakers who are out preying in these deadly hours.

The constant flashing lights of police vehicles in many areas have seemingly become a thing of the past.

These lights have a very positive effect in sending clear messages to the criminals in our midst and even law-abiding citizens that the police are around and mean business.

THE NEW TODAY would hate to think that the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) is affecting the ability of the police to give true meaning to its motto: ‘To protect and Serve”.

Mr. Acting Commissioner of Police, the residents in St. Paul’s are once again complaining that the police station in the area is giving credence and teeth to Chain’s popular calypso, ‘Police Station closed”.

Several persons have called us to report that the front door to the station is once again closed after a certain hour in the night and the public is virtually shut out from entering the building.

What is the message being sent by the police to the civilian population in St. Paul’s and surrounding areas?

Are the police saying that they are only open to business  to the public during certain restricted hours?

What has become of the use of roadblocks to search vehicles and persons for illegal items especially in the Christmas holiday period?

It is true that criminal elements can use their cell-phones to call one another to alert them of the police presence in a particular area but our law enforcement officers have to come up with other alternative measures to stay on top of those who are a menace to society.

This newspaper is aware of the police working on a particular theory that the release of a certain person from the Richmond Hill prison has coincided with an upsurge of criminal activities in this particular period.

There is a saying that one swallow does not make winter. As such no one individual should be allowed to create havoc and fear in the minds of the population at this time of the year when the country should be enjoying the festive season.

The police have a duty and responsibility to arrest the recent upsurge of criminal activities on the island in light of the unfortunate report in a major U.S news network about Grenada being a place to be closely watched these days when it comes to criminal activities.

Our island is still a beautiful place and cannot be compared with the likes of Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados and St. Kitts when it comes to criminal activities.

Mr. Acting Commissioner of Police, get serious and wet the fire now as the public is aware of some discord between the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the High Command on strategy to deal with illegal activities.

The public should not be made to suffer as a result of infighting in the force for power and authority.

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