Give the lawmen some praise!!!

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of arrests by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) of persons engaged in the illegal drugs trade especially for possession of ganja and cocaine.

It is a clear sign that our law enforcement officers are active and not giving space to those engaged in the illegal activities to carry on with their illicit trade and business.

THE NEW TODAY would like to commend the efforts of the Drug Squad under the leadership of Superintendent of Police, Rodriquez James for the work done in apprehending several suspects including non-nationals for drug possession.

The Vincentian connection is alive and coming more into the drug trade given the recent arrests made by the Drug Squad in recent months.

It is an open secret that the authorities in St. Vincent from time to time will turn a blind eye to the planting and production of marijuana since it has become a major source of wealth and part of the unofficial economy.

There are instances when an ordinary Vincentian will turn up at the store of a vehicle dealer and pull out cash in excess of $EC 70, 000.00 to do business and stay away from the usual bank transaction.

The police in Grenada will have to continue to keep up the pressure on the drug trade, as more and more persons in the country will look for easy ways to make a living on the island.

A casual drive around the country is clear to the naked eyes that there are areas in which drugs are being pushed openly and many others are engaged in a host of other illegal acts.

There is no doubt that the economic and financial situation presently in the country is affecting many families and some would look for the easy way out – drug peddling.

It is common knowledge that survival is “a crucial thing” and some people would not think twice of the consequences in order to make two ends meet.

The more enlightened and conscious in our midst understand the need to curb the use of illegal drugs and to continue the fight in order to ensure that our school children and future generations do not fall victim to those whose only interest is to make money from the unsuspecting and ignorant.

At times, we choose to only see the negatives within the police force and refrain from commending the members of RGPF for their efforts in solving and breaking crime trends in the country.

The police officers will become even more motivated if they realise that the public is aware and appreciative of what they are doing to fight crimes in all forms on the island.
This commendation should not be taken to mean that the police do not have to improve in some areas of their work.

Our police need to be even more vigilant and to be on guard in the wake of the recent terrorist strike action in France and the downing of the Russian aircraft over Egypt.

It is clear that ISIS will target “soft spots” in any part of the world where it can inflict serious collateral damage to major Western interests.

The terrorists have signaled their intention to strike in a big way in the United States, which is engaged in heavy aerial bombing of ISIS strongholds in both Syria and Iraq.

Less than 90 miles away from our shores, we have heard about 89 Trinidadians who have left their shores to join up with other ISIS fighters in the war against Western civilisation.

Our authorities should not be foolish and for one moment rule out the possibility of an ISIS strike in the Spice Isle since we have prized American assets on the island.

Late President Ronald Reagan had cited these “assets” as one of the reasons for sending troops into Grenada to bring an end to the bloody events of October 1983.

Grenada or any other Caribbean country can ill-afford a terrorist strike in our part of the world since it would bring a crippling effect on our vital tourism sector.

Our Police Force need to engage the operators of night clubs and other entertainment hot spots to be cautious and always be on the look out for strange happenings because ISIS and its associates around the world are becoming more and more daring in their attacks.

THE NEW TODAY has no reason to suspect that our Muslim brothers and sisters in Grenada are violent and can be influenced by ISIS doctrines and get involved in the so-called Jihadist war against Western infidels.

What we might now be witnessing is the Third World War as the West is engaged in a serious war against a deadly enemy who is prepared to die on the battlefield for his ideals.

Any man who is prepared to die for his cause should always be considered as a very dangerous human being.

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