Eternal Vigilance is a must!!!

In another three days time, Grenada will mark the 32nd anniversary of the most bloody and darkest period in its political life since the days of slavery.

The October 19, 1983 bloody massacre at Fort George came about due to a deep ideological split among the Marxist-Leninists within the then ruling New Jewel Movement (NJM) which created the March 13, 1979 Grenada Revolution.

The so-called OREL faction within the NJM, whose leader was Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard moved to consolidate its political position through a proposal called “Joint Leadership”.

The idea was first floated in September 1983 at a Central Committee meeting of the NJM by Lieutenant-Colonel Liam James who many considered as the third most powerful person in the country after Prime Minister Bishop and Coard.

Bishop had initially agreed to the proposal but changed his mind for whatever reason – the Coardites blamed the likes of the late George Louison and Kendrick Radix and former Cuban President, Fidel Castro.

However, regardless of the true reason, the Coard faction within the NJM settled the score with a ruthless massacre of several persons on the fort on October 19, 1983, which paved the way for U.S and Caribbean troops to stage a military intervention on October 25, 1983 to help restore law and order in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

History has already cast judgment on the Coardites as the Pol Pot’s of the Eastern Caribbean for the bloody carnage on the fort.

THE NEW TODAY is more concerned with the lessons to be learnt from that dark period in Grenada’s history and to ensure that the country never returns to Marxism-Leninism as a form of governmental rule.

There is no doubt that the revolutionaries in our midst are continuing to hatch all sorts of plots and schemes including infiltration of the existing democratic parties to once again enter the corridors of political power in the country.

Some of them still use language and make public utterances, which seem to suggest that they still see the world in terms of the past East/West conflict despite of the fact that the Soviet Union and its Empire collapsed many years ago.

The most visible strategist for the revolutionaries is President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey who is currently engaged in something called “Project Grenada” with the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Humphrey, once regarded as the fiercest local critic of Dr. Mitchell, has taken the strategic position to go to “bed” with a former enemy out of convenience and necessity.

THE NEW TODAY sees Dr. Mitchell as the one who might have the last laugh in the end as the survivors of 1979-83 will not be able to out-fox him and lay their hands on the prize – Political Power.

The current Prime Minister loves power, is motivated to hold onto it, and will do whatever it takes to remain in the driving seat including using and dumping anyone including the very Coardites.

Within the NDC, the current leader Nazim Burke, although from the 1979-83 period, will not be able to engage in the political rhetoric of the past.

Burke should be smart enough to understand that the NDC support base is Middle Class in the main and live a life that is not in keeping with Marxist-Leninist thought.

There is also no visible sign that Burke is still an adherent to that past ideology that has failed mankind so miserable.

However, THE NEW TODAY is urging Grenadians on another anniversary of the bloody October 19 events to continue to be vigilant because there are those who are not sleeping and still harbouring thoughts of getting back into an influential position in Grenada.

There is a certain foreign power that has been forced to rethink its Grenada approach since the Maurice Bishop Patriotic Movement (MBPM) has become defunct with its leader, Dr. Terrence Marryshow no longer engaged in frontline politics to carry on the leftist cause.

And it appears that there might be some thaw in the icy cold relations that this power had with the Coardites following the execution of Bishop.

The architect seems to be Sen. Humphrey who excited that power with a certain proposal that he took to the island’s Parliament – a first of its kind in the House of Representatives in any of the English-speaking territory in the Caribbean.

All of a sudden, officials of that foreign power were seen openly attending functions staged at a place that fell under the control of the man widely regarded as the main strategist for the leftist remnants.

Is this a sign that this power is prepared to do business with the “old enemy” again out of a realisation that both of them need each other to achieve a common objective?

Any Grenadian who subscribes to the democratic rule of law cannot afford to be caught sleeping or napping because “the boys” have not given up on the notion and idea of returning to power.

New and old strategies are being employed including interfacing with all organisations and groups in the country and getting involved in church activities – all aimed at one thing – getting back “The Power” that they lost for themselves back in 1983.

Grenadians can once more pay a heavy price if Eternal Vigilance is not the watchword and the country falls back into the hands of those who have never abandoned the Marxist-Leninist way of life.

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