The Tip of the Iceberg

It can only be described as the “tip of the iceberg” – the discovery of a U.S Visa scam involving persons associated with some of the nation’s major sporting organisations.

It is not the intention of THE NEW TODAY to comment on the case brought against the two individuals who appeared in court Monday – Lester Smith and Nigel “German” Mc Kie – since the matter is sub-judice.

However, this paper is not confident that the powers-that-be would conduct a thorough probe into several other acts of related corruption bordering on threats to Grenada’s own national security interests.

It is quite possible that a few other persons might be arrested in quick order and brought to court in order to give the impression that the authorities are fully on top of the situation.

The issue of human trafficking with the United States being the targeted country has been taking place in Grenada for sometime now.

A few greedy persons linked to some of our sporting organisations might have seen an opportunity to exploit the situation for not only monetary gains but to solicit sexual favours from the female sex in exchange for assistance in obtaining the so-called prized U.S visa.

But there is a bigger picture that needs to be addressed since it concerns the security of the State of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

There are some political operatives in the country who have been using all kinds of underhand tactics to influence certain elements within the police force to provide clean police records for criminal elements to help facilitate their entry into the U.S and elsewhere.

A common practise by these politicians is to place their stooges in some sensitive areas of the force in order to facilitate their dirty bidding.

The key areas for soliciting wrongdoing are Immigration, Special Branch, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Criminal Records Office (CRO).

Our political leaders and their operatives including lawyers have been selling passports over the years to many questionable characters including some from Eastern Europe without the police doing the necessary due diligence.

It is our understanding that one or two lawyers have gotten into the act and making approaches to some members of the force to provide good and clean police character references to their so-called clients.

Our politicians are not prepared to play by the rules as they seek to fulfill promises of jobs and more jobs to gullible Grenadians in exchange for their votes with Election Day in mind.

One of the lawyers whose name is surfacing is known to have been spoken to sternly by former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas for attempting to overturn a decision taken by the Commissioner of Police and Chief Immigration Officer from preventing some Jamaican suspected drug dealers from entering the Spice Isle.

It is obvious that the Police High Command would have picked up certain information through the regional security system that these people were coming to Grenada and to be on the look out for their arrival.

The Police Force was acting in the best interest of Grenada but a politician was trying to challenge their authority to safeguard the State and to keep out undesirable elements.

Anyone with a little common sense can put the pieces together and see the clear link between the flow of drug money and campaign financing involving politicians.

THE NEW TODAY is confident based on reliable reports that our police force was compromised during construction of a certain high profile hotel in the south of the island when police records of applicants for jobs were required as one of the conditions.

It is our information that several persons with stains on their police records were given a clean bill in order to get some of the jobs on offer.

Do we know how many persons with criminal records are working at some of our top hotels due to so-called “tweaking” of their police records in order for them to beat the system and get jobs?

It will be a sad day for Grenada’s tourism industry if one of these culprits committed a serious crime inside a hotel with one of the guests.

The United States should naturally be concerned about the type of people who were able to get into their part of the world due to human trafficking.

Information has reached us about one particular individual with a lengthy criminal record who was able to obtain a U.S. visa to travel as a coach on a local sporting team.

If that particular individual who spent more time in jail than outside was able to get a clean police record then it begs the question – how did he get it – and also who in RGPF aided and abetted him in getting such a clean bill of health.

The Commissioner of Police needs to seriously get down to work to look into what appears to be a nasty scandal with questionable characters getting clean police records to engage in what appears to be human trafficking in the Spice Isle.

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