Sitting on a time bomb!!!

The last five years or thereabouts have driven home the point that Grenada is sitting on a time bomb when it comes to serious crimes including murder involving persons of school age.

The latest killing at Windsor Forest in St. David’s on Tuesday should serve as a serious warning to our political and community leaders that it is time to seriously address the issue of youth violence in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

This country has seen in recent years, several children of school age committing acts of murder even on the school compound.

Most of the children who are involved in these acts come from troubled homes and households that are affected by growing levels of poverty.

Too many children are making children of their own and are badly lacking in the wherewithal to bring up these babies and mold them into sound minds as the future generation.

Several of our villages are littered with young mothers who are not yet 30 years of age but having to fend on their own with four and five children.

In most cases, these babies are forced to grow up fatherless and have to start looking for food at a very early age since the mother is not in a position to do her rightful duties to her loved ones.

Our political leaders keep talking about measures being put in place to tackle unemployment but a casual walk through a typical rural village on the island would reveal the level of unemployment and poverty especially among the young mothers.

As for the young men, several of them are engaged mainly in gambling and drug pushing and other forms of illegal activities.

This vicious cycle has to be broken and all hands should be on deck to tackle the problem – political leaders, churches, civil society and non-governmental bodies.

If this situation is not turned back and is allowed to deteriorate, Grenada would pay dearly in the next 20 years.

The new government has been talking about the Grand Bacolet facility that should have been completed by now to help arrest the problem of young offenders and to keep them away from the Richmond Hill prison.

This project seems to have gone off the boil and the powers-that-be are not keeping the nation abreast of what is happening right now with the project.

It is time for the relevant Minister in government to come forward and inform citizens on the status of the facility.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to express some concerns about the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and the solving of serious crimes on the island.

The police will often make the boast of having a good crime-solving rate when compared with the other islands in the English-speaking Caribbean.

It is our contention that this success centers mainly around crimes that are literally solved for the lawmen by members of the community who would have seen something and provided the relevant information that leads to the culprit being apprehended.

This newspaper is not convinced that the police are doing a good job at cracking and solving cases that require good investigative work on the part of the relevant police department.

A case in point is the person from Marian who was living at Calivigny and reported missing a few weeks ago.

The relatives have complained to us about the lackadaisical response from the police to their pleas for assistance in finding the man and to determine what might have happened to him.

There are aspects of this case involving the police that we do not wish to bring into the public domain.

The hierarchy of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) need to relook things and start to place some more emphasis on finding officers who are always on the ground and have a good knowledge of what is happening on the streets in terms of picking up the relevant information that can lead them into the right places to effect some more positive arrests.

Mr. Commissioner, it cannot be said more simple when we ask to put “some more police boots on the ground” and not only having good looking and well-dressed officers sitting in offices..

As taxpayers, Grenadians need value for money given the massive budgetary allocation for the police.

One suggestion for those in charge of the police force – please tap into those excellent retired police officers and bring them in from time to time to give pep talks to your crime fighting units so they can pass on vital tips on how to make them become more effective officers on the job.

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