Those grey areas!!!

An announcement from the Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for the Town of St. George, The Hon. Nickolas Steele attracted our attention in the past few days.

The statement made by the Minister was that nine doctors will be hired in short order to help address the concerns expressed by Junior Doctors at the nation’s health institutions who are complaining of being overworked and saw the need for an increase in the manpower stock.

The Minister stated that the new doctors will be coming mainly from St. George’s University and that the Medical Council, the body responsible for certificating medical doctors will do so with dispatch.

This newspaper contacted a Grenadian doctor who is living in the United Kingdom and who had applied more than 1 yrae ago to the General Hospital for work since he was planning to return home on a permanent basis to ascertain whether he was among the list of nine. He confirmed that he was not.

This doctor with over 15 years experience in the medical field has been getting the run-around from the Medical Council with respect to his application to be permitted to practice medicine in the land of his birth.

Why is a Grenadian who is qualified in medicine and has been practicising in England for many years being treated with such disdain and lack of respect by the local Medical Council?

The fact of the matter is that the same persons who are in charge of this medical body are giving the go-ahead to several non-nationals to come into Grenada to practice their profession.

Is it that the Medical Cartel in Grenada are afraid of competition from a doctor who is qualified or even more qualified than many of them in their specialised area of medicine?

Is it that these persons who are playing hard ball with this Grenadian doctor are trying to keep him out in order to protect their financial purse? Some of these doctors are already exploiting the poor man by charging him in excess of EC$8000.00 dollars for operations that cost about one-third in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago.

THE NEW TODAY is calling on the Medical Council to explain to the Grenadian people-at-large the reason for moving slow and virtually stalling the application by this son of the soil who came from a very humble family in St. Patrick and whose father is an ordinary fisherman.

There is enough evidence abounding about the tendency from some of the persons who are bent on creating a medical cartel in this country to use their power and influence to protect their turf and keep out those who pose a threat to their get rich quick mentality.

The situation with the doctor from St. Patrick reminds us of a situation faced by the original Press Association of Grenada some years ago to try and bring in a few dentists from Canada to provide free service to the poor and vulnerable in the country.

The then Minister of Heath gave his full blessing to the initiative but it was blocked by those in the profession who had to give clearance to the group of Canadian dentists.

A leading member of the Cartel told us back then that he could not allow these Canadian dentists to come to Grenada “to take bread out of his mouth”.

This same dentist was a political activist and often appeared to speak on the platform of his political party that professes to have a penchant for the poor.

THE NEW TODAY is calling on Minister Steele and the relevant personnel in this country to look into the situation of this Medical Doctor from St. Patrick who is coming up against powerful forces within the Medical Council.

As a matter of fact, the doctor is a former island scholar whose education was paid for by the taxpayers of this country. Why try and prevent him from coming back home to offer his expertise and experience to the people of Grenada?

Finally, THE NEW TODAY would like to bring to the attention of the public-at-large what appears to be acts of sabotage, by unknown elements, of Chime FM radio that was recently embroiled in a license issue with the Ministry of Communications and Works and the NTRC.

The evidence seems to suggest that the station attempted to carry the Editorial of this newspaper a few weeks ago that focused on the diplomatic spat between the Chinese and the two year old government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Our information is that the station tried on four occasions to broadcast this particular editorial but every time it attempted to do so it miraculously went off the air. This is rather strange because the editorials of other media entities were broadcast without hindrance.

Is it that some persons in this country resorted to sabotage to keep the editorial off the air for reasons best known to them.

Who are these elements? Are any of them linked to the bad days of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution? Are these elements part and parcel of the so-called thing known as Project Grenada?

These revolutionary figures of Project Grenada were exposed in the 80’s to a certain communist country in the Caribbean that had developed the technology through the help of the then Soviet Union to jam and block the signals of Voice of America from entering that particular country whose communist leaders would do anything possible to protect their political power base and to continue to enforce their godless ideology on the people.

THE NEW TODAY would hate to think that similar tactics are now being employed in the Spice Isle by these so-called power hungry politicians.

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