We can only wait for results

Lloyd NoelNow that we have the New Ministers in place and the Government has also managed to put two former Opposition Politicians in the Upper House or Senate, we can only wait to see where we heading and how soon we will be getting wherever.

And whatever the results maybe, the political mood and atmosphere will not be the same as we move down that strange and uncertain scenery.

The thousands of unemployed people, who voted the full slate of NNP Candidates into office based on the grand promises that so many foreign Investors were just waiting on the results, to start moving into the Tri-Island State to provide thousands of jobs, they continue to wait and hope that some positive movements will be forthcoming much sooner than later.

We also have the highest ever Budget of Income and Expenditure to come into operation in January, 2015 for the year.

How and where from that one and a quarter Billion Dollars would be raised for spending, only time and the unfolding events will reveal in the months and for the year ahead.

Against that back-ground of changing around Cabinet Ministers and producing that Billion dollars plus Budget for the year ahead, we have heard little or nothing much, of the Referendum for the Reformation of our Independence Constitution in 2015.

That major political activity, seemed to have been the Number one public movement for next year and the appointed Committee have made its recommendations, and added to those after the public gathering and even additional issues raised at the Trade Centre some weeks ago.

But for whatever reasons that very crucial matter seems to be on the backburner for some time now and the movement of Ministers, as well as the budget for next year, have so far taken the front pages recently.

There was a rumour that the date for voting for the Reformation, was going to be put further down in the New Year so whether that is the reason for the silence only those in control can answer.

The lack of jobs situation is the biggest problem facing The Controllers, since taking office nearly two years ago, and rather than improving the problem is getting worse with no signs of getting any better any time soon.

There is a rumour that a fair number of those Foreigners in the Far-east, who bought Grenadian Passports when the P.M. visited that area earlier this year, they are planning on coming over anytime soon, to start up some kinds of Business that will provide employment for a fair number of unemployed people.
If that state of affairs turn out to be true, and some people can find employment in the New Year at least then the trip and Passports sales will be seen as very worthwhile and beneficial to those people.

On the other hand – should those passports sold to Foreigners, also
grant Grenadian Citizenship to the Buyers, and that new status will enable them to vote in any referendum held to Reform our longstanding Constitution, to break away from the Commonwealth and become a Republic, along with whatever other strange ideas the ruling party may have in mind – then surely our people cannot go along with that.

And it is to be expected that the opposition parties will stand up and ensure that their voices are heard, and the rights and freedoms we have been accustomed to as an Independent state will be maintained.

Our people as a whole are concerned about the rights and freedoms of others in the Tri-Island State regardless of party loyalty.

And it is to be hoped that in whatever form or manner of operation, changes are suggested or proposed by The Controllers that fairness and concern for others will be the guiding principle going forward.

We have had our political upheavals over the years from both the leftist and the capitalist perspective since Independence, and as a people who still profess our Religious tendencies, and many still practice their faith from their own peculiar beliefs and preferences over the years, we cannot be accused of not knowing where we came from.

But as things stand now-a-days, the hurdle facing us as an independent state is where are we heading and because The Controllers have no opposition in the seats of power, and the critical voices on the outside are very few and far between, we are left in mid-air as it were, and can only wait on results as they crop up.

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