Kirani James Parents insulted

One of the country’s most distinguished sporting enthusiast, Senator Raymond Roberts says he is badly hurt over the manner in which the parents of world class Athlete, Kirani James were degraded in what he perceived to be a direct attack on the poorer class of Grenadian society.

File photo of world 400 metres champion Kirani James as he embraced his mother on arrival at MBIA after his exploits at the 2012 London Olympics

File photo of world 400 metres champion Kirani James as he embraced his mother on arrival at MBIA after his exploits at the 2012 London Olympics

Within the past two weeks, a tape recording of a voice believed to be that of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell has been aired regularly on a talk show carried by a local FM radio which made fun in a humiliating manner of the parents of the star athlete.

The person who is heard speaking in the recording took issue over the way in which James’ parents were groomed for the homecoming celebration held under the former Congress administration after the athlete won Grenada’s first gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in London.

That homecoming celebration that took place at the Maurice Bishop International Airport, and was also attended by Dr. Mitchell who was then Leader of the Opposition.

The person in the voice recording was heard uttering the following words: “Hear what the NNP (New National Party) would have done. The NNP, if we were there (in Government), we would have gone to Gouyave a few days before (the homecoming celebration) and find out about the parents. If the mother need a nice little ‘Dan Dan’ we would have see she get a new ‘Dan Dan’ to come down at the airport. We would have made sure we get a Tailor to do a nice little suit for the old man.

“If the mother need a little fix up on she hair, we would have get …. one of the hair dressers to fix her up and to dolze her up.  If the old man and the old lady had bad teeth in their mouths we would have get them to the dentist to fix up their mouths nice, nice, nice.

The person was also heard saying that under an NNP administration two motorcars would have been organised and “we would not have waited for them (the parents) to take bus from Gouyave to the airport.”

Roberts,  who represents the trade union movement in the Upper House of Parliament appeared Monday on the same radio talk show programme that aired the tape-recording of the voice believed to be that of Dr. Mitchell.

He noted that the outburst involving the James would have gone beyond the shores of Grenada and it was rather unfortunate for  the parents of the island’s most decorated international athlete to be demeanoured in such a cheap manner  by the leader of the country.

Roberts described the attack on James’ Parents as nothing but “gutter-snipe behaviour”, adding that a normal mind would not say such things.

“I am convinced that perhaps when we get to that age sometimes we lose it. Periodically, we have a moment of Alzheimer because I don’t think a normal mind would say that at all, “he said.

The host of the programme Kem Jones has constantly been challenging Dr. Mitchell to publicly apologise for the statement he made against the James in the build-up to the last general elections.

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