“Hail Mary Full Of Grace”

Bishop of the Diocese of St. George-in-Grenada, Vincent Darius has gone to some lengths to project the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the mother of the Christ child.

Bishop Darius who was at the time delivering the homily Sunday during the celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception which is the Patrimonial Feast of the Diocese of the mother church in St. George’s spoke of the significance of the title bestowed on Mary at the time she was conceived with the Christ child.

The Roman Catholic Bishop told a packed Cathedral that if they look through the scriptures, it is noticeable that on every occasion when he gives somebody a name it was done with a view to assigning them a mission to fulfil.

He said when the Angel visited Mary informing her of her pregnancy he greeted her as “Hail Mary full of Grace” because of what God had in mind for her.

The head of the local Catholic Church stated that God did not just give Mary a name or title but He equipped Her for the mission.

The Bishop said because Mary is filled with Grace there is no sin in Her as Grace is the presence of God.

“Sin and Grace are not friends, they are enemies,” he said. “Because She (Mary) was filled with Grace there was no sin in her, and some people cannot understand that, and will not understand it, or will not even attempt to understand it,” he told the congregation.

The top Roman Catholic clergyman is highly devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and recites the prayer “Hail Mary” as one of the regular prayers of the Church

He reminded the Catholic faithfuls that like Mary, each one of them has been called to play a role in God’s plan of salvation. He stressed that mankind was now adopting a selfish attitude when called upon to perform an assignment.

“Today when you ask somebody to do something one of the questions they throw back at you (is) what is in it for me? It is not what is in it for me, it is what is the common good, what is the bigger picture, and that is a problem that is plaguing our world, our society, “he said.

Bishop Darius stressed many years ago it was “a we society” but now it’s all about  “I, me”.

He said that the celebration of Mary’s Immaculate Conception serves as a reminder of the need for redemption, and also serves as a sign of the accessibility of redemption.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is observed  on the calendar of the Universal Church on December 8 annually.

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