Fishing as a subject

Fisheries Minister Roland Bhola has called for Fishing to be included in the education curriculum for schools on the island.

Bhola who was at the time contributing to the 2015 budget debate said there is need to set up a standard fisheries school to provide lessons so that more of the young people can understand the importance of fisheries and the need to protect the fishing industry.

The Member of Parliament for St. Andrew North-east briefed the Lower House of Parliament about the important role being played by the fishing industry in the economy.

He said the sector provides over 4000-5000 direct and indirect jobs.

According to Minister Bhola, in 2013 some 3,744M pounds of fish were landed by fishermen yielding $25.2m to the economy but while in 2014 there was a seven percent increase in the landed amount of fish $24,684,299 because of the lower prices in the world market.

He spoke of a 23% increase in exportable fish.

The Fisheries Minister disclosed that almost ten percent of the people employed in Grenada are currently working in the fisheries sector.

“It (the fishing sector) is an industry that we cannot turn a blind eye to. It is an industry that we cannot allow to continue to perform in a primitive way,” he said.

Over the years, Grenada’s fishing industry benefited from a number of fishing centres that were constructed in various towns by the Government of Japan.

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