Bureau tackling food safety

Participants attending workshop are expected to contribute to the response to food safety events

Participants attending workshop are expected to contribute to the response to food safety events

The Grenada Bureau of Standards (GBS) plan to become more rigorous in its response to Food Safety events as it seeks to engage a number of stakeholders in a much needed workshop on food traceability and recall legislation.

A workshop on capacity for rapid response food safety events through enhancement of the food traceability and recall legislation and systems in Caribbean sub-region took place at the GBS conference room last Thursday.

The workshop was conducted by FAO Technical Consultant, Juan Pablo and Professor Marsha Echols of Howard University.

This FAO initiative extends to four Caribbean countries – Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica and Grenada.

GBS sees this project as very important to Grenada in terms of its ability to continue trading on the international market.

Acting Director of the Bureau, Robert Medford said that a surveyconducted showed that neither legislation nor traceability and recall systems are in place in any of the four countries.

According to Medford this is a problem that must be addressed.

“We can understand the importance of food safety and we need to have systems in place for traceability and recall if a problem is to occur.

This project will assist government in strengthening their capacities to respond rapidly to food events,” he said.

Medford added that there are many reasons for the need to respond rapidly to food events in the Caribbean and other places.

“This is to safeguard our population and the visitors to our shores.

It will also demonstrate to our trading partners, the tourism sector and the world as a whole that we are taking adequate measures to address food events that affect health and safety if they do occur because we really do need a proper system in place,” he remarked.

“It will enhance manufacturing, we will be able to trace our products if there is a problem, at least there is a chain from start to consumer and businesses, even if you go to mitigation or you go to court you need to have a proper system in place,” he said.

GBS is the primary institution responsible for setting standards in the country in the area of manufacturing and the construction industry.

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