An upgraded library for intellectual enhancement

Nadia Benjamin from the Benjamin foundation cuts the ribbon and declares library officially opened

Nadia Benjamin from the Benjamin foundation cuts the ribbon and declares library officially opened

Hands Across the Sea together with MoneyGram have made it possible for the St Matthew’s RC School in BirchGrove, St. Andrew’s to provide an upgraded reading facility for its students.

An official opening ceremony for the new facility was held on Tuesday at the school in the presence of Representatives from the Ministry of Education, MoneyGram and the Benjamin Foundation.

The Library, to be known as the Roland Benjamin Library, was sponsored to the tune of EC$1000.00 by the Benjamin Foundation.

The donated funds were used mainly to paint the Library.

In addressing the function, District Education Officer, Astra Frank said it is quite evident that the Ministry of Education needs collaborative efforts to ensure that the necessary inputs are available for the nation’s students.

She acknowledged that this is the only way possible for students to access the tools that are so badly needed to improve their reading skills.

“As a Ministry we feel strongly that literacy development and in particular the development of reading skills is at the centre of providing quality education and delivering education that is relevant to work and life. It is a major key to unlocking students potential for success”, she told the ceremony.

“…We must all agree that our students can learn to read so that they can read to learn and that students ability to read is essential for effective learning in all subjects at all levels of schooling,” she said.

According to Frank, this is fundamental and as such students must have access to books at all times and encouraged them to take advantage of the library and the information it possesses.

“Open a book and you will find people and places of every kind, open a book and you can be anything that you want to be, open a book and you can find wondrous words in there, open a book and I’ll read too, you read to me and I’ll read to you,” she remarked.

Money Gram/Huggins official sits with students in the library

Money Gram/Huggins official sits with students in the library

MoneyGram’s role in this venture is to bear the cost of clearing the books once it arrives in Grenada.

Manager of MoneyGram, Angela Hood said the company is pleased to partner with Hands Across the Sea to provide books and library supplies to the schools.

“Teachers, we hope that this material will assist you in coming up with innovative ways of getting your students interested in reading and ensuring that this interest is sustained throughout their lives”, she said.

“…To the students, the more that you read the more things you will know, the more that you learn the more places you will go,” she added.

Principal of the St. Matthew’s RC, Margaret Wilson said the 557 books received will go a long way in developing her students academically.

She assured the sponsors that it would be used in the best way possible.
MoneyGram and Hands Across the Sea are also providing assistance to the Grand Roy Government school as the institution has also received over 300 books for their Library.

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