Unconditional support given!!!

THE NEW TODAY is giving its unconditional support to the announcement made by Minister of Education, Anthony Boatswain on the setting up of the committee as prescribed by law to certify a number of persons claiming to have Doctorate degrees in the country.

It is not clear when this body actually became dormant but it is the responsibility of the government of the day to obey the laws of the land and to put in place all relevant bodies for the smooth functioning of the country.

This newspaper had made an appeal to the former National Democratic Congress (NDC) government of Tillman Thomas to take steps to ascertain the qualifications of a number of persons who were claiming to have all sorts of degrees.

An approach was also made to the then head of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) to look into complaints that a number of persons working at this premier local educational institution were in possession of questionable qualifications.

It is also known that some of these TAMCC employees get annoyed when members of the public in addressing them do not attach these questionable qualifications to their names.

Minister Boatswain must mandate the committee to look into the degrees of each and everyone working at TAMCC.

This newspaper is very suspicious of some of the so-called degrees which certain persons at the college are claiming to have as part of their CV’s.

If charity really begins at home, as the old saying goes, then the Education Minister needs to first look deep inside and there is no better place to start than at TAMCC.

Our nation’s children must have the full confidence and knowledge that they are being lectured and exposed to persons who are competent and truly qualified and not quacks.

If there are fraudsters operating within the nation’s education system then they need to be weeded out as a matter of urgency.

This newspaper has seen the so-called thesis written by one educator in the country who claims to have a doctorate.

The thesis is a mere 54 page long and consists mainly of ABC stuff that any serious Form 5 student at the secondary school level can research and compile for his teacher as part of a routine work assignment.

It is doubtful that any serious and recognisable university and a professor worth his salt will accept this kind of work to confer a Doctorate on anyone.

THE NEW TODAY is willing to make the so-called thesis available to the competent body whenever it is established by law to carry out its work to give due recognition to the persons in our midst with real and serious qualification and not those with fakes.

It is a prerequisite for anyone who gets a real doctorate from a recognisable university to be able to give information on when, where and to whom did they defend their doctoral thesis.

It is doubtful that some of those who claim to have doctorates in this country can meet even this basic requirement.

The likes of the late Dr. Raphael Fletcher and Dr. Lloyd Alexis, as well as those still alive such as Dr. Francis Alexis and Dr. Guido Marcelle must feel a little bit uncomfortable in the company of those who are clearly posing with Doctorates and want to rub shoulders with them.

As a matter of priority, the Ministry of Education must put together a list of universities and educational institutions around the world whose qualifications are acceptable in this country.

A few weeks ago this newspaper received a letter from a concerned person who was questioning the Ph. D qualification of a prominent local who worked in the Ministry of Agriculture and was calling on government to investigate the qualification of this particular individual.

This was not the first time that questions have been directed in those quarters. If the minister so desires that letter can be made available to him and his committee members.

If Mr. Boatswain is serious and carries through with his promise to check them out then the country will finally be able to separate the sheep from the goats in terms of quacks who lure the public into believing that they have the real stuff.

Even within the media, one person was said to be claiming to have as much as five Master’s degrees from online courses. Isn’t this laughable?

Minister Boatswain can expect nothing but the full and total support of this newspaper in addressing an issue that should have been put behind us a long time ago.

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