Congrats Beacon!!!

Many children who sat the Primary school exams last month can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Ministry of Education has released the results.

Quite naturally, Beacon Learning Centre at Belmont, St. George’s should be beating its chest as its students did the school more than proud.

The school surpassed its own record that was set a few years ago when it dominated five of the top ten places in the exams.

This year, nine students from Beacon were counted among the first ten positions islandwide and relegated the other major power houses like Westmorland and Alpha Junior into the minor places.

Two of the students – Danon Noel and Leondre Joseph – tied for the 1st position and THE NEW TODAY would like to congratulate them on their educational achievements.

The school principal and founder of Beacon, Cheryl Barnabe-Bishop must be elated by the performance of her young students in this year’s exams.

There is a saying that behind every successful man there is a strong woman. It therefore follows that behind those successful students at Beacon, there must be some good, strong and diligent teachers who know how to prepare their class for the exams.

THE NEW TODAY is hopeful that the hard work put out by the teachers and students at Beacon would finally put to rest the myth and propaganda of those negative persons that the school often resorts to unfair means in order to get an advantage in the exams.

The school definitely did its own homework from last year’s under par performance in order to hit back with vengence in May 2014.

Hundreds of parents will read into the results achieved by Beacon and would be influenced to send their kids to this private primary school with the hope of securing a secondary education for them.

After all, this is what competition is all about – it helps to bring out the best in mankind.

Beacon is now well-posed to cash in with respect to a rush by parents to get their children into the institution for the new school year starting in September because of the outstanding performance in 2014.

The onus is now on the rest of the schools on the island to go back to the drawing board and look at what they might have done wrong, as well as get some insight into what Beacon is doing in order to make the playing field more level and competitive in 2015.

Despite the atmosphere existing at some homes throughout the country with parents being happy that their loved ones have passed the test and are now getting ready to face another sterner test at the secondary school level, some kind of empathy should be shown to the other students who did not manage to pass the exams and to secure a place in a secondary school.

These kids should not be forgotten in an education system that has so many flaws. Too often, thousands of children become victims of an education system that is based on promotion and promotion only at the secondary school level and then out of the door and entirely out of the system on reaching Form 5.

Our governments need to take a more serious look at the education system and prepare the children for the kinds of jobs that are more than likely to become available in the economic construct that we have in Grenada.

If the two leading sectors in the economy are agriculture and tourism – do we as a nation have the infrastructure in our schools to inculcate in our students the right values that are needed in terms of services for the tourism industry?

Can we develop a system in which hundreds of Grenadians can be developed at home to prepare them for work in other countries to get serious employment and to send back thousands of dollars in remittances to the homeland?

The Cubans are bringing in millions of hard currency dollars every year into their economy through the export of its professionals especially doctors and other medical personnel.

The world has changed and so too Grenada needs to take a fresh look at how things are being done in order to become competitive by developing the human capacity of our people where work is concerned.

Finally, THE NEW TODAY would like to extend on behalf of its parent company, Impact Printers Ltd a special Thank You to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and in particular the team of Fire Fighters that responded to a massive fire that nearly destroyed its home base at Marian last Thursday afternoon.

Our Management would also like to recognise the efforts of those residents of Marian, especially the women who came out in numbers to help pull hose and help the firemen to put things in place to better fight the raging fire.

Impact Printers, through THE NEW TODAY newspaper would also like to thank St. George’s University (SGU) for dispatching a fire tender in a more than timely manner to bolster the limited resources of the Fire Department to help in bringing the fire under control.

We will also like to place on record our appreciation to those persons who prayed and asked for God’s intervention so that the raging fire would not create untold damage to Impact Printers at Marian.

Too many times, we condemn the police when unsavory things happen in their midst and do not praise and recognise them for their positive efforts and deeds.

This is a time when Impact Printers would like to record its most profound appreciation and thanks to the Fire Department of RGPF and the people of Marian for the Rescue Mission that was undertaken last Thursday for five to six hours to bring under control one of the biggest bush fires for the dry season which many choose to refer to as a drought in Grenada.

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