Keep them at bay!!!

It is now clear as daylight that unwanted elements are now openly operating in Grenada.

Two persons associated with Winners Club on the Carenage have been unearthed within the past week.

The first was Erik Pedersen who was convicted as a Sex Pedophile in the United States and spent time behind bars.

The other is Demitri Stavropoulos who was sentenced to serve time in prison in Chicago for mob-related activities.

These two are front men for “Alex Salerno”, the Boss of Winners Club and son of a gangster who was convicted of murder in the 1990’s for a Mob-related killing in the United States.

Are these the investors that were promised by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and the New National Party (NNP) to sway the minds of Grenadians to vote for the “House” in the February 19, 2013 General Elections?

We invite the public to read the front-page story in this week’s edition of THE NEW TODAY to get a good glimpse into the persons associated with Winners Club.

It is not our intention to put any Grenadian out of work but the national interest must take precedence over anything else.

The mob-like activities must never be allowed to gain a foothold on Grenadian soil because they have often left behind a trail of death and destruction.

Our Prime Minister has a duty and responsibility to protect the lives of each and every Grenadian and to ensure that these elements whether from Chicago, New York, Italy or elsewhere be kept at bay and never be allowed to flourish on our shores.

 THE NEW TODAY will hold Dr. Mitchell and each and every elected Member of Parliament responsible for any mafia-related killing in the country if they allow these bad elements to gain a safe haven in Grenada.

As a mater of fact, no one in this country including the Head of State, the Governor-General, Dame Cecile La Grenade should sit idle by and watch this still beautiful country being run over by unsavoury characters in the name of foreign investment.

The voices must be heard of all the other elected MP’s on this important issue of the presence of the these elements – Elvin Nimrod, Gregory Bowen, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, Anthony Boatswain, Nickolas Steele, Alexandra Otway-Noel, Oliver Joseph, Yolande Bain-Horsford, Tobias Clement, Clifton Paul, Emmalin Pierre, Delma Thomas, Roland Bhola and Alvin Da Breo.

It is frightening to think that these elements from Chicago have been allowed to put their feet on Grenadian soil and not a word from the quarters that should really matter – the Church leaders, Trade Unions, Private sector groups and Civil Society.

Anyone in the country can do a search on the Internet and get all the details about Pedersen and Stavropoulos and their illegal activities.

It is either the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is sleeping on the job or co-operating with those who are willingly bringing in these elements on our shores.

How can our officials be now trusted to do good and proper due diligence on those questionable characters who will be “lining up” to buy our passports as part of the Citizenship by Investment Programme?

Where is the Financial Intelligence Unit in all of this? How come they can peep into the financial transactions of the Winners Club but not taking action to prevent questionable characters like Pedersen and Stavropoulos from entering our shores?

The late Maurice Bishop must be turning in his grave to think that these creeps will land on an airstrip named after him to ply their trade as the investors in waiting.

The late Prime Minister must also be getting nightmares to think that a member of his clan, Dame Cecile is sitting in such a prestigious position and will remain silent in the face of the entry of these elements.

 THE NEW TODAY is calling on PM Mitchell to do whatever is necessary to remove these individuals from this island since they are not welcomed here to do any business.

Erik Pedersen moved out on Monday morning, and it is now the turn of the other character to get on an airplane and leave Grenada.

Mr. Prime Minister, someone has to take a stand and it will be the NEW TODAY newspaper despite of your labeling us as a “scandal sheet” and an “Illegal paper” operating in the country.

Whatever we do, we do it in the interest of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


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