Please remember Kirani!!!

Just over one year ago, Grenada enjoyed one of its proudest moments ever.

It did not happen on our local soil but thousands of miles away in a distant place that was once known as our mother country.

Our Golden Boy Kirani James brought the entire country together with his victory at the London Olympic Games in the final of the Men’s 400 metres.

His remarkable achievement on the track united Grenadians in a particular way that not even our Independence on February 7, 1974 could match or even the March 13, 1979 so-called Glorious Revolution of late marxist leader, Maurice Bishop that ended the political dominance of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

Kirani is arguable, even at the tender age of twenty, the best 400 metres runner ever in the entire Western Hemisphere.

He is not only up there but perhaps surpassed the achievements of that great runner from Cuba, one Alberto Juantorena who did the 400 and 800 metres double in the 1976 Olympic games.

The Jaguar has only one major thing to achieve – an attack on the 400 meters world record of Michael Johnson of the United States.

The Great Man himself is confident that Kirani can break the record as he gets a bit older and stronger and even wiser with each and every race that he runs at the international level.

The only draw back for Kirani is that unlike Johnson (200 and 400 metres) and Juantorena (400 and 800 metres), our Golden Boy competes in only one event – the 400 metres.

Nonetheless, it is a little bit puzzling that one year after this outstanding athlete did us so proud that nothing has been done from a national level to remember that momentous day on the track in London.

THE NEW TODAY would hate to believe that athletics will always fail to get the recognition that is given to cricket especially as in recent years our cricketers have not been doing the region very proud.

Some of our political leaders will run up and down the region trying to fix problems with West Indies cricket and give lip service to the achievements of other sportsmen in their own backyards..

It is still not too late to do something later in the month in honour of that hour in London when The Jaguar was able to make everyone forget about colour and see Grenada, Carriaou and Petite Martinique as one united Nation.

THE NEW TODAY is also concerned about a statement made by reigning calypso monarch, Scholar which seems to suggest that clandestine efforts are being made to prevent him from winning the title for a record breaking eight times on Sunday night at the national stadium.

Scholar alluded to statements coming from certain quarters about this is “their time” as if to suggest that “the thing is fixed” already and that particular judges will be brought in to give a certain result.

No one should play dumb and turn a blind eye to the split in the calypso fraternity between the pro-NNP cast of singers like Randy Isaac, Sheldon Douglas and Pappa Jerry in particular as opposed to Scholar who has been sharing licks left, right and centre over the years on the “Green” and “Yellow” camps.

This newspaper does not see Scholar as a coward and one who is afraid of losing the crown because he is lacking in material this year.

Quite on the contrary, the Scholar stands as good a chance or even better than most of his opponents to lay his hand on the title for another year.

The competition is all about two rounds and not one round. It will take two songs with set criteria to get the judges nod on Sunday night and the reigning King can expect to be firing on all cylinders in defense of his title. One thing that cannot be disputed and that is like King Ajamu, the Scholar knows what it takes to win on Dimanche Gras night.

Finally, we wish that on Wednesday morning, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) can declare that the official five days of carnival activities would be declared incident free.

The youngsters in particular, who are expected to be our leaders tomorrow, are given an opportunity to demonstrate to us that they are ready for the task that lies ahead and that if left in their hands the Nation State will be safe.

This is one time of the year when the ordinary folks in the society are hoping to do good business given the influx of people into the country for the carnival – returning Grenadians as well as bonafide visitors.

Some business houses have reported no major significant increase in business at this point in time as quite a bit of the persons who came in for the August festivals have chosen to send down barrels of foodstufs from North America.

This would undoubtedly have a negative impact on sales in some of our supermarkets.

Despite the odds, THE NEW TODAY would like to wish each and everyone an enjoyable and wonderful carnival.

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