No disputing the facts!!!

A clear attempt is being made by the Spicemas Corporation to give the impression that THE NEW TODAY was engaged in misleading information about its association with Fun City and the hosting of the annual Carnival City event in the run-up to the August Festival.

The Corporation held a press conference in which it was announced that the event would now be held at Fun City and no longer at Garfield’s Lazy Lagoon at the renamed Kirani James Boulevard.

A question was asked about the new arrangement and it was the Spicemas Corporation which provided this newspaper with the name of the person to contact at Fun City to ask further questions about the event.

As a matter of fact, the office provided this newspaper with three telephone numbers to try and contact one Osron King of Fun City in order to get further details from him.

The first number was listed as a local telephone line and it was out of service. Initially, no one answered the two cellphone numbers that were given to us in which Mr. King could have been contacted.

Later in the day, someone answered one of the cellphone number and pointed out that he was the brother of Mr. King and will pass on the information to him that the paper was trying to contact him about Fun City and the hosting of the annual Carnival City event.

A few hours later, information reached our News Desk that Mr. King was a questionable character and a person to be very cautious with.

The following day Mr. King was reached on the telephone and agreed to meet with THE NEW TODAY. Two persons from the newspaper travelled to Fun City along the Maurice Bishop Highway to meet with Mr. King and to interview him.

There was no doubt in our mind that the individual was Mr. King since he resembled the person that was seen in a newspaper clipping on one of the newspapers from St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

In the course of the interview, a question was asked of Mr. King about his real name and allegations made in the Vincentian media that raised doubts about his nationality.

He quickly pulled out a National Insurance Scheme (NIS) ID from St. Vincent which showed that he was born on the island.

The gentleman was specifically asked to clarify if his surname was King and not Dennis. He said it was Dennis and that King was no longer being used based on a long story involving his father.

He also gave details about the plans from the Fun City end for the hosting of Carnival City.

After the interview, THE NEW TODAY once again contacted Spicemas Corporation to seek further clarification on the correct name of this promoter it was talking with in connection with Carnival City and the 2013 event.

The Spicemas Office indicated that in the initial contact, the gentleman had submitted correspondence using the surname of King but subsequent communication was done in the name of Osron Dennis.

THE NEW TODAY is in no doubt that Spicemas Corporation was engaged in discussions with Mr. Osron King or by whatever name he uses, whether it is Osron Dennis or Mr. Matrix on the hosting of Carnival City at Fun City.

We wish to remind the operators of Spicemas of the lecture given by Prime Minister and Minister of Information, Dr. Keith Mitchell to the media to contact the government first before putting out anything that can be considered as hearsay.

This newspaper went to the Office of Spicemas Corporation, the body authorised by Cabinet and Parliament to get information on the hosting of Carnival 2013 and specifically the Carnival City activity.

THE NEW TODAY can also point to several business entities that provided us with information about approaches made directly to them by Mr. King about sponsorship for Carnival City at Fun City.

As a matter of fact, one of the major sponsors of Carnival 2013 was approached by the “Vincentian” promoter, whose name was given to us by Spicemas Corporation, for his company to start putting up banners and other forms of decorations at Fun City for the holding of the Carnival City event.

This newspaper has reasons to believe that the Spicemas Corporation is now engaged in some kind of damage control in light of information now circulating in the country about this individual known as Osron King.

It matters not to us that fingers are pointing at a Minister in the government as the one who might have led Mr. King to the Spicemas Corporation. What is clearly emerging is that there is some kind of internal feuding among various NNP operatives about Carnival 2013.

There are powerful and influential persons within the NNP hierarchy who would have known over a month ago that a red flag was being raised about the character that Spicemas Corporation was actively talking with about Carnival City.

THE NEW TODAY will not get caught up in the NNP internal wranglings since its only concern is to provide information to the people and nation as a whole.

The authorities should use the Osron King issue as a gentle reminder about the need for there to be due diligence to be conducted on all those who land on our shores to get involved in business ventures.

It must be remembered that a few years ago, a criminal element from St. Vincent was able to infiltrate the high rank of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and embedded himself with our law enforcement officers and posed a major risk to national security.

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