Find the culprit!!!

The brutal and vicious attack by a youth armed with a cutlass on a defenceless elderly lady and two other persons at Westerhall Heights in St. David’s in broad daylight on Saturday should by given top priority by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

This crime is serious enough for the Police High Command to assign some of the most senior crime fighters in the country to find the culprit in short order.

The police set-up is such that a crime of this nature falls in the jurisdiction of the St. David’s Police Station and the Detective that is stationed within.

However, the crime should be given top priority by our law enforcement officials and for the top Members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in St. George’s to actively take charge of the case.

THE NEW TODAY is not making this suggestion because of the fact that the elderly lady who was chopped in the head and suffered injuries had lived and worked in Britain for a number of years and the matter would attract the attention of the British government.

This kind of attack should not be tolerated inside Grenada – regardless of who might be the victim.

Any attack on our senior citizens like the brutal assault on Westerhall Heights is an attack on all of us in Grenada.

The best talents within the Police force in terms of solving such crimes should be put onto the case, if not already, with a view to finding the perpetrator and giving him his just day before our law courts.

It is hard to believe that someone might not have seen something suspicious in the area on the day of the incident.

The perpetrator of the crime might have fled into the nearby bushes. How do we know for a fact that someone might not have seen him?

The fact of the matter is that some people do not like to voluntarily give information to the police depending on the crime.

Therefore, the onus is on the police to go out there and engage the community in such a manner that if anyone has information that can lead them to the culprit they might be then willing to divulge the information to the investigators.

At times, it is vitally important for our detectives to go back to basics and engage in those old-fashioned police work and methods to get a good lead to apprehend the criminal.

If the police stay put and do not go out into the field on a daily basis – hit the ground – the culprit might get away scotch free.

It is quite possible that someone might have been engaged in farming their lands on the day within the vicinity of the crime scene and could have just seen something suspicious.

What about the cutlass that was used to deliver the chop wounds on the persons? Did the perpetrator of the crime on fleeing the area leave it somewhere in the nearby bushes?

It is still not too late for the police to send out some of the best cops that are good in doing on the ground work to scout all the nearby bushes within a five mile radius to see if they can stumble on something or anything that might give them a good lead on which to work.

Too many times, our people are forced to complain that the police might be engaged in lackluster performances in solving crimes that are reported to them.

The persons who were attacked in such a brutal manner can identify the youngster involved in the crime.

It might be good for the police to get an artiste to draw an impression of the person as described by the victims and give it to the media for publicity.

No stone should be left unturned in identifying the culprit for his wicked deeds.

Grenada must always seek to preserve its reputation as one of the islands in the Caribbean that is not over-run by criminal elements.

Over the years, many of our nationals traveled to North America and Europe in search of a better life with the hope of one day returning home to spend their closing years in peace and comfort.

As a country, we must never under-estimate the roles played by our returning nationals in keeping the local economy afloat through the construction industry, jobs for the so-called small man as Gardeners and the purchase of items at our local supermarkets.

Our health system has been in a mess over the years and this has resulted in many of our nationals deciding to stay put in Canada, the United States and Britain and elsewhere in order to continue to get better health care services.

Those who choose to return and stay with us ought to always feel safe ad comfortable in their surroundings. This should equally apply to all our local people too.

So Mr. Commissioner and Members of RGPF, THE NEW TODAY is hopeful that the police would be able to find and apprehend the culprit of the Westerhall Heights incident very soon.


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