The road ahead!!!

The people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique have made their decision in Election 2013.

It was a decisive victory for the New National Party (NNP) of Dr. Keith Mitchell in which for the second time in this country’s history it was able to win all fifteen seats at stake in the poll.

The NNP roll through the country has posed several asking questions for our Parliamentary Democracy in light of the absence of an elected Opposition to look after the needs of those who do not subscribe to the philosophy of the new rulers and the existence and operation of a system in the House of Representatives to ensure checks and balances of those now with a total majority.

Despite this, THE NEW TODAY is calling on all Grenadians to respect

the decision taken by the vast majority of those who voted in the election to place all fifteen seats in the hands of NNP, and wish to congratulate Dr Mitchell and the NNP on the victory.

The people in their own wisdom have sent a clear message to the outside world that they want a Grenada with Dr. Mitchell at the helm – and no one else at this point in time. Equally important is the phrase: “To whom much is given, much is expected”.

The promises made by the NNP in Campaign 2013 have resonated with the electorate.

No one including this newspaper has any moral authority to challenge the decision of the voters on Election Day.

As a matter of fact, it is the view of THE NEW TODAY that Tuesday’s exercise was perhaps the freest and fair election ever contested in the Parliamentary history of the country.

The Supervisor of Elections, Judy Benoit should be commended for helping to put in place a new Voter Registration process that limited the chances of anyone who was bent on engaging in illegal activities.

The onus now is on new Prime Minister Mitchell and his team to keep to their promises made to the Electorate: “We will deliver”.

The Number One promise is the building of a new economy to create the thousands of new jobs that are needed to satisfy a demanding population that is looking for the promises today and not tomorrow.

As the days go by the new rulers are expected to unveil various aspect of their New Economy that will take Grenada into the next 10-15 years.

The people heard the various messages of the NNP and voted for the change agenda that was put forward by the Opposition.

It is a clear case of the Electorate voting against Leadership based on Morality, Integrity and Good Governance as advanced by Mr. Thomas and his group and voted for “Bread and Butter” and more along the lines of the economy such as high unemployment and rising cost of living.

The NDC will have to do its own soul-searching in due course and engage the populace to find answers to important questions such as the factors responsible for the clean sweep by the NNP and the reasons for the loss in key strongholds such as St. George North-east, South St. George and St. David.

The losers will at some stage have to address the question of leadership and the way forward for its 20, 000 strong support base in the country.

A good starting point is the convening of a Special Convention in which the NDC leaders will sit down and listen to party supporters and

members to hear their views on where things went wrong for the government.

This session should not be dominated by the party leaders with speeches but vice-versa in which the leaders would have to listen and take notes.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to comment the former Prime Minister for the very dignified manner in which he left office and congratulate him for the new standards set for other office holders to follow in the wake of impending general elections.

Mr. Thomas had moved out of the official home of the Prime Minister at Mt. Royal and left all State vehicles on the property that were at his disposal.

It is our understanding that the former Prime Minister would have only returned to Mt. Royal if the electorate had renewed his mandate to continue to look after the affairs of the nation.

There was no need for anyone to journey to his home in St. Patrick West to retrieve State property.

THE NEW TODAY is also calling on all those persons who were appointed by the former government to serve as Members of various State boards to follow suit and hand in their resignations in order to give the new government the opportunity to select the boards that are in keeping with their policy directions.

This should be done as part of our emerging democratic principles.

Too many officials in the past have displayed a bad attitude towards change by giving an incoming administration a hard time to find its way in making appointments to certain positions in order to implement their plans and policies.

The standards set by the NDC in office should be emulated by NNP whenever there is regime change in this country.

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