The former Comrades and the Russians

The Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been forced to battle in Election 2013 with not only the main opposition New National Party (NNP) but some of its own former Comrades.

The so-called Rebels have apparently entered into some kind of a loose alliance with the NNP to try and defeat the ruling party in the elections due in another eleven days.

The expelled members have been making the rounds on virtually all the local radio and television stations to try and deliver some killer punches on the NDC but especially on Prime Minister Thomas.

THE NEW TODAY believes that these persons are becoming more and more desperate with each passing day. It is now a do or die battle for them.

There are so many reports about the activities of the Rebels in the St. Patrick East constituency on which the Prime Minister is facing three other opponents.

The strategy of the anti-Tillman Thomas camp seems to be one of trying as hard as possible to take away as many votes from him as possible in order to create an opening for NNP’s Clifton Paul.

The antagonists have seemingly taken up residence in St. Patrick East in recent times and can be seen in the open engaging in all kinds of cooks and private meetings.

A victory for NDC at the polls will certainly end the political

career of Peter David especially if Franka Bernadine wins the Town of St. George Constituency.

The former Foreign Affairs Minister might see a defeat for NDC at the polls as providing an opportunity for him to negotiate his way back into the fold.

That will be an extreme gamble to take in light of the belief of many NDC’ites that the Rebels are the ones to blame for the destabliisation of the Congress government in the past four-and-a-half years.

The only true Rebel seems to be former Labour Minister, Glynis Roberts, who is now at the helm of the National United Front (NUF) which is putting up only three candidates for the national poll.

Mrs. Roberts is the only expelled Congress member to have kept to herpromise to contest the election.

The other former government ministers – Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Karl Hood and Michael Church – have ducked and run away from facing the people on February 19.

These people were adamant that as members of Congress, they will

definitely contest their seats with the hope of returning back to Parliament for another five year stint.

The former MP for St. John’s is the only one of the five expelledministers to have given a clear and open support for a candidate from the NNP in the elections.

Mr. Church has endorsed the candidacy of NNP’s Alvin Da Breo against Dr. George Vincent of Congress. This is indeed strange bed-fellows. In the 2008 general elections, Dr. Vincent was virtually the Campaign Manager for the same Michael Church.

Those who profess to know Mr. Church are not surprised by his behaviour and actions. But then again Mr. Church has always given the impression that he did nothing wrong and should not have been scolded by the Prime Minister for misleading him on the controversial trip that he made to Switzerland in the company of NNP’s Dr. Patrick Antoine.

The former MP for St. John’s and one-time Minister of Foreign Trade and The Environment is yet to offer an apology to the Grenadian people for not being truthful to the Prime Minister and engaging in a clear act of betrayal of his status in Parliament as an Honourable Member of

the House of Representatives.

The other issue which THE NEW TODAY would like to make some passing comments on relates to the Russians who have interest in the oil and gas resources believed to be lying on our sea bed.

The talk on the ground is that the Russians are in town if not physically but apparently in another form through the NNP.

The Russians have a huge interest in the outcome of the elections and no doubt would favour a victory for NNP and Dr. Mitchell and Gregory

Bowen et al.

Why would these Russian investors lose the $2.5 million that was advanced to the NNP government to help wage a legal battle against U.S investor, Jack Grynberg?

The men from the bastion of the former headquarters of communism stand to benefit significantly if the NNP gets back into office and deliver to them on the agreement that was signed to explore for natural gas in our territorial waters.

This is all the more important as the United States and Russia are no longer engaged in any significant bitter ideological battles for influence in the Caribbean and Latin American region.

If the Taiwanese and Chinese from the Mainland are fighting against each other for influence in the Caribbean then why not the Russians too?











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