Decisive year at hand!!!!

Another new year is now upon us.

Indeed, it would be a decisive year for the country as Grenadians will have another opportunity to elect a new government to handle the affairs of the State for another 5-year period.

The government that emerged after the July 2008 general elections promised so much given the composition of the Men and Women in the victorious team but bitter infighting for power and control played a major part in dashing the hopes and aspirations of the many thousands who heeded the call for change from 13 years of mismanagement of the nation’s finances and corrupt dealings.

The mismanagement and corruption are well documented despite the failure by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to bring criminal charges against anyone in cases like the missing $1.6 million from the Russians and others like the Call Centre fiasco, the Garden Group madness and the MNIB guarantees that involved questionable characters.

The MNIB squandermania of the taxpayers’ dollars is quite mind-blowing as three ill-conceived projects saw the national debt increased by $EC58.4 million dollars with nothing to show for the heavy spending that was undertaken with the MNIB Lagoon project and the small hotels in the south of the island.

The end result is that the coffers of someone – not the people of Grenada – were the beneficiaries of these NNP Speculators.

It would be a travesty of justice if the former rulers were voted back into office. But as the saying goes – the people get the government that they deserve.

The so-called “Rebels” should be lynched for their political immaturity and lack of foresight in taking actions which clearly opened the doors for NNP to peep into the Halls of Power for another five years.

Imagine 29 years after the collapse of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution on the half-baked theory of “Joint Leadership of NJM and the Revolutionary Process that the idea will float again in 2012 involving one of the remnants.

It is only a political fool who would suggest that NDC should have a two-tiered approach to leadership with Prime Minister Tillman Thomas being allowed to remain as Head of the Government and for Tourism Minister, Peter David to take charge as Political Leader of Congress.

The sad state of affairs that now exist in this thing called “National United Front” is a clear indication that Mr. David is not up to Leadership of anything in this country.

That aside, the early months of 2013 will prove decisive for the political careers of the leaders of the two main political parties since defeat will bring closure to their political careers.

Both Tillman Thomas (NDC) and Dr. Keith Mitchell (NNP) were involved in the first elected government that returned the Spice Isle to the Parliamentary system of government that was thrown out the doors by Comrade Maurice Bishop and his New Jewel Movement (NJM) when they staged their March 13, 1979 coup d’état against the elected Eric Gairy government.

A defeat for Mitchell will surely bring an end to his political career which started off back in 1972 when as a young school teacher he contested the St. George North-west constituency seat against the formidable, former Finance Minister George Hosten of the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP).

Questions will have to be answered in the wake of a Mitchell defeat at the polls over the ability of the NNP to find a successor who can raise the funds that are needed to keep that party’s ship sailing in the nation’s political waters.

In the case of Prime Minister Thomas, this is also his final election whether he loses or wins his St. Patrick East seat at the polls.

Under the NDC constitution, the Political Leader once he assumes the Prime Ministership of the country is restricted to two-terms in office.

Speculation is rife that Mr. David and company are hoping that the PM and NDC lose at the polls which would provide an opportunity for them to seek to re-enter Congress. That could be wishful thinking on their parts given the mood of the delegates at the September 30, 2012 Convention when they were expelled by an overwhelming majority of delegates in attendance.

The NDC would eventually have to address its own leadership issues after the poll and THE NEW TODAY is confident that the name of Education Minister, Senator Franka Bernadine will certainly be in the mix especially if she wins the town of St. George Constituency in the upcoming general election.

Even at this stage, one gets the impression that the country is beginning to give serious thought to putting into office a woman as Prime Minister to take charge of the nation’s affairs.

The events to unfold in Grenada will be determined by the 2013 elections. It makes no sense making predictions now but to await for the outcome in order to peep into what is possible and could be possible.

THE NEW TODAY at this juncture would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped to keep its flag flying throughout 2012 – the members of staff, advertisers, vendors and the reading public. All four are important cogs in the wheel.

Our pledge is to improve on our shortcomings and to provide an even better and much improved product in 2013.

We wish the entire nation a productive 12 months and to remember a slogan from the 1979-83 GRENADA REVOLUTION – “Not a day without the struggle”.

If we apply this to our daily lives in a positive manner then Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique would be a much better place in which to live.

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