The emergence of NUF

Where is Peter David?

This is the question being asked by many persons in the country following the no-show of the man perceived to be the leader of the Expelled Ten from the NDC and the formation of the newest political entity on the island called the National Unity Front (NUF).

Mr. David was not seen among his Comrades who on Tuesday night launched their party at the Grenada Grand Beach Resorts.

The Interim President of the party is former Minister of Labour, Glynis Roberts, one of the expelled Ten with businessman Jerome Joseph, the man regarded as the “Godfather” being listed as the Interim Chairman of the new grouping.

The Speakers on Tuesday night made no specific mention of any association between themselves and the likes of Mr. David and other expelled members of Congress such as ex-Ministers Karl Hood, Joseph Gilbert and Michael Church, as well as Senator Chester Humphrey, Pastor Stanford Simon and Kenrick Fullerton.

There has been murmuring on the ground in recent days that disagreements have surfaced among the expelled Ten on the way forward for them politically.

One of the allegations making the rounds is that Mr. David is not supportive of a new political party so soon after their expulsions from Congress.

In light of this, the question, which many continue to ask, is – in what form will Mr. David defend his Town of St. George Constituency in the upcoming general elections? Will he be running as an Independent Candidate or member of a political party? Does he intend to join NUF at a later stage? Only time will tell.

A NUF without Peter David would be at a serious disadvantage given his ability to raise funds. As the General Secretary of NDC, Mr. David was able to bring in huge sums of money for the party in the battle to unseat the Keith Mitchell government in the July 2008 poll.

The news making the rounds in certain powerful quarters in Grenada is that some of Mr. David’s own colleagues in the legal profession has been cautioning him to stay away from Sen. Humphrey if he wants to resurface at some point in future as a political force in the country.

It appears that the posturing of the veteran Trade Union Leader and President of the Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) has antagonised so many in the country that many would like to see him disappear from the national scene rather quickly and not later down the road.

But The Honourable Roberts gave enough hints in her address on Tuesday night that all is not well with the Group of dissidents who were expelled from the Congress.

She said: “We have dear colleagues and comrades who are not yet part of this movement that we hold out hope will also join us. We appreciate that not everybody might be convinced of what the approach might be in each stage of challenges in life. But we remain confident that we have the same vision and that we want the same great dawn for our country. For those who are not with us now, our friendship and our comradeship are intact; our love for each other is undiminished and our mutual admiration and solidarity stand the test of time”.

The two key words in the above are “the approach”. It appears that MP David is holding to the view that it is not appropriate to form a new political party at this time especially so soon after their expulsions from NDC.

Is there even more to what meets the eye. In some quarters, Mr. David is seen as someone who will cut and run for cover when the going gets too rough and tough to handle.

In any case, NLF has already started off on the wrong footing with a huge bungling over the selection of the “Rising Sun” as their symbol. That symbol is already assigned to the United Workers Party (UWP) that is registered with the Electoral Office by former Opposition Leader, Michael Baptiste.

This is the first basic thing that the people associated with the new political entity should have found out before printing letterheads and sending out invitations with the “Rising Sun” as their adopted symbol.

And to think that a lawyer is in the forefront of NUF makes it more laughable and ridiculous. Among the first thing that a lawyer will do in the sale of land is to check with the Supreme Court Registry to get an understanding of the true title owners of the land before proceeding with the transaction.

So too one expected NUF and its legal team to check with the Electoral Office and get a good understanding of who was using what symbol before settling on a symbol.

The Interim President of the new party, Hon. Glynis Roberts and her close colleague Attorney-at-law, Feron Lowe also made a cardinal error of approaching Mr. Baptiste to get him to surrender the “Rising Sun” symbol for their use.

These people are operating in the sky and not on the ground politically. Mr. Baptiste has been a most vocal critic of those rebels who are largely responsible for the split in NDC, which could have the effect of strengthening the hands of his bitter political enemy, Dr. Keith Mitchell and his New National Party (NNP) in the upcoming general elections.

The former Opposition Leader has vowed to treat as “enemy” anyone who is aiding and abetting the return of Keith Mitchell as Prime Minister of the country.

So why would those people in NUF believe that Mr. Baptiste will ever co-operate with them especially at this critical point in the nation’s history?

THE NEW TODAY understands that Mr. Baptiste has since instructed his local attorney, Anselm Clouden to write to Ms. Roberts and Feron Lowe to desist from any further use of his symbol “The Rising Sun”.

The people will decide in the end in Election 2013 the future of NUF in light of the fact that Grenada has seemingly settled down to a two party system centered at the amount around NDC and NNP.


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