Same khaki pants!!!

THE NEW TODAY is forced to focus on the attempts being made by the so-called “Alternative Group” being put together by the NDC expelled rebels to form a new political party in the country.

The Nation would have heard about a meeting involving some persons associated with the group which was held last week Sunday at the Marian Community Centre.

The “Minutes” of the meeting as seen by this newspaper reminded one of the equally important Minutes of the Central Committee meetings of the New Jewel Movement (NJM) in the latter days of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution.

The NJM Minutes gave a graphic description of the onslaught against late Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop by those CC Members who were known to be loyal to his deputy, Bernard Coard which eventually led to so much blood-letting at Fort Rupert now back to its old name of Fort George.

It is also significant that the NDC Rebels would have used the historic month of October to hold an important gathering at Marian in Bishop’s St. George South-east Constituency in which some of the startling discussions were able to reach into the public domain.

In the September-October period of 1983, the word on the ground by the Coard Group of OREL adherents was that Bishop was the problem and today, 29 years later the remnants of the Revo are talking about Uncle Tilly being the problem.

This newspaper is particularly concerned about an aspect of the minutes in which one of the members of the “Alternative” outlined an action plan to attract the youthful population of the country to join and become activists of their party in the making.

As the minutes said, the plan calls for operatives of the new political party to “go to the level of the schools to get student bodies to form groups representing their party”.

All parents need to take careful note of this comment at the meeting and should not take it lightly.

Are we witnessing a re-write of the NJM script of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution in which the Marxist leaders of the day raided the nation’s schools to turn our students into “Pioneers of the Revolution” in order to advance their cause?

What are the true intentions of those NDC Rebels associated with the Alternative? The next thing is that the new Rebel Group might embark upon a similar plan like the NJM leaders to train the new “Pioneers of the Revolution” in the use of guns to defend the so-called Glorious Grenada Revolution.

This time the aim is to recruit the students to help them get into the Sixth Floor of the seat of power in the Botanical Gardens.

THE NEW TODAY is urging those involved in the “Alternative” to back-off from the nation’s school children and to seek other avenues to recruit their membership.

It should be noted that some of these elements are the same people who were pushing for the re-introduction of the Cadet Corps into the country where youngsters will be once again exposed to the use of the gun.

This country could ill-afford to allow questionable characters to start sowing the seeds that can lead to another catastrophe in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The Americans might not be so kind in coming back to our assistance once more.

THE NEW TODAY would not sit quietly and allow elements of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution to raid our schools and distract the minds of our students from their academic studies and instead try and get them to focus on some kind of a political agenda.

The Minutes of the Marian Meeting also revealed the level of deception of the Rebels and their ambitions to seek political power in this country.

Following are excerpts from the Minutes of the meeting: “Another question raised was who will be the Leader of this alternative party and it was said Peter David, will be the leader. However, Mr. (Ferron) Lowe said that it would not be wise for Peter to come out to the public and declare he is the leader. The plan is that persons within the alternative party will first come out and indicate to the public that Peter is best suited to be the leader of the party after which he (Peter David) can declare himself to the public that he is the Leader of the party”.

Interesting reading of the same khaki pants story. No one is opposed to Peter David or anyone else being appointed as the Political Leader of the “Alternative” or whatever name The Rebels choose to give to their new political party.

These political schemers are fully aware that David is carrying a lot of political baggage since he was seen as the one largely responsible for the political turmoil and unrest within the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

These tricksters have now hatched a typical communist plot based on more deception to try and ensure a safe-landing for Peter David to eventually emerge as the Political Leader of their party.

The NDC delegates were definitely correct in resorting to the “Doctrine of Necessity” at the Convention to purge themselves from the Rebels in their midst.

The same idea of re-introducing the concept of the “Pioneers of the Revolution” by entering the gates of our primary and secondary schools and targeting our students from a very young age would have been the objectives of those who were bent on capturing the Congress party from Prime Minister Thomas.

Grenadians, be aware of this group since their intentions are questionable. If this group ever lay their dirty and filthy hands on Grenada, the country might one day get up and realise that the new masters are really Casino and Mafia Gangsters and those who controls the ALBA dollars which they will depend on just as drug addicts need crack cocaine.

The mentality of the “Alternative” is to seek power by whatever means possible.

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