Operation clean-up

The eyes of Grenadians are affixed on issues such as government’s failure to pay civil servants on time at the end of August and on the decision of Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas to take the necessary steps for the recent Prorogation of Parliament.

However, THE NEW TODAY is more concerned about the possible outcome of next Sunday’s annual convention of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to be held at River Sallee in the St. Patrick East constituency of the Prime Minister.

The occasion provides an opportunity for PM Thomas who is the Political Leader of Congress to take back full control of the National Executive and to begin the process of identifying a new breed of trust-worthy candidates for the upcoming general elections.

This NDC convention should formalise officially the break in relations between the Grenadian leader and the group of dissidents that includes the likes of Peter David and Joseph Gilbert.

THE NEW TODAY is very suspicious of the true intentions of those persons who have been leading the charge against the Prime Minister in recent years.

It appears that the David faction is working overtime to ensure that PM Thomas is not victorious in the next general elections and would stop at nothing when it comes to acts of sabotage.

Is it the intention of the group to re-emerge after a possible defeat of the Prime Minister at the polls and to make a fresh bid for the NDC leadership? Why would anyone engage in such wishful thinking?

There is a school of thought in the country that the Revolutionary elements known to be giving guidance and advise to the dissidents are of the opinion that the return of Keith Mitchell as Prime Minister would see him make the same mistakes and provide them again with a platform to launch an attack on him and win state power in the following general election as the leaders of NDC. What a big joke and loud laugh!!!

PM Thomas will have to be prepared to shift gears after the convention and be more aggressive and assertive.

His Congress party has been battling three major enemies for sometime – the difficulties of running a country in a hostile world environment, a group of power hungry dissidents, and thirdly the main opposition New National Party (NNP) that is thirsty for power.

What is clear is that with each and every passing day, the Peter David-led group is becoming more and more isolated and can only resort to more desperate acts in their anti-Tillman Thomas crusade.

The Prime Minister will have to rise to the challenges and move speedily after the Convention to execute “operation clean-up” in three crucial constituencies – The Town of St. George (Peter David), St. Patrick West (Joseph Gilbert) and St. George South (Glynis Roberts).

A population that is already suspicious will not take too kindly to the inclusion of any of the trio in the NDC line-up for the next general election.

The Prime Minister still holds the key in his hands on whether the electorate is prepared to give NDC a second term in office given the disappointment created by the mutiny.

It is now his calling to show leadership of mettle by deposing the likes of David, Gilbert and Roberts and introducing into the politics the kind of persons who are more willing and inclined to subscribe to the key core values of his Congress party.

Of the three MP’s, history might turn out to be most unkind to Mr. David. He was poised to take over the leadership of the party in the near future but a lack of foresight has been his downfall and major weakness.

Mr. David has struck us as a person who in the past 10 years demonstrated the greatest amount of impatience as a politician and squandered his chance to be considered as a possible future leader of the country.

If only the MP for the Town of St. George had concentrated on doing his work as a Minister whether in the area of Tourism or Foreign Affairs, he might have been able to convince the electorate at the right time that the Prime Ministership of the country should be entrusted into his hands.

In too many quarters in the country, Mr. David is considered as “too greedy for power”, and one who “can’t wait for the thing” to be given to him by the people.

Was it a case of the MP for the Town of St. George allowing himself to be misled by the small group of people known to be around him? Was the bigger picture too big for him to understand and handle?

There is something called “the right timing” in politics and Mr. David seems to have missed the boat. The NDC will have to move forward without him being on board with the rest of the team.

His recent utterances have only helped to make many persons become more distrustful of him.

Many are wondering if he had ever been a minister in the government given the senior portfolios that he once held. And so far, it is most disappointing that the former Minister of Tourism has not put forward any credible alternative action plan to take the country forward.

Operation Clean-up should also help to pull the rug from under the feet of ex-Senator Arley Gill and Lincoln “Torro” Depradine who have been putting out public statements as representing the Public Relations Department of Congress.

No longer will these people be able to operate under the aegis of the Congress banner with their public utterances clearly aimed at belittling the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Thomas has an opportunity to turn the September 30 Convention of Congress into another major historic date on the party’s calendar of events as it begins the serious process of returning to the people for another five year term in office.

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