A nation to build!!!

Now that the 2012 Carnival Season is behind us, the country will have to go back to work as quickly as possible.

There is so much to be done – not only by government but the citizens on the whole.

Grenada, like most countries around the world is going through a terrible time both economically and financially.

The world order dictates that once the industrialised countries especially to the north like the United States in particular are in crisis then the trickledown effect will automatically come bearing down upon us.

And the situation is compounded by narrow partisan political interests especially among some influential members of the local private sector.

This newspaper understands that some local entrepreneurs decided many months ago in their private caucuses not to invest a penny more in expansion of their businesses or to create new ventures because of their desire to see another political party in power.

It matters not to these business owners that jobs are needed to help create opportunities for the thousands of school leavers who enter the job market each and every year. The State alone cannot provide all the job opportunities for our people – the private sector has a significant role to play in that respect.

Faced with such a situation, the Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) will have to work overtime I the coming weeks and months to ensure that a few of the much-talked about projects come on stream within the next six months to help ease the situation in the country especially among the unemployed youth.

If as the Minister of Finance, Nazim Burke has been stating repeatedly that millions have been obtained by the government for developmental projects then it is time for the monies to be felt by the people especially on the ground level. The money should be talking for itself through the various projects earmarked to come on stream.

This newspaper is not advocating the throwing away of money for the sake of doing a project like was the norm under the former government.

At the end of 2011, THE NEW TODAY had urged the Congress government to declare 2012 as the Year of Implementation. If the many projects in the pipeline are not implemented then the government will have only itself to blame on the Day of Decision.

The situation for the NDC as a government has been compounded by its inability to get its information machinery up and running since the July 2008 general election.

A lot has been happening but the propaganda arm of the Congress administration has been left in a state of paralysis.

A classic case is the work being done on the St. Joseph’s Convent in St. George’s – a most historic educational institution in the country.

A major construction project is taking place there with significant input from government and the event is being treated as a non-issue and business as usual.

This government has been too slow in addressing the critical question of the many square pegs being allowed to operate in round holes.

It is perhaps too late for the Prime Minister and those known to be close  to him to do the remedial work and look for a new set of cadres who can perform and do a better job than some of those around him who seem to be always busy  but doing nothing of substance.

As a person, the NEW TODAY is firmly of the view that Prime Minister Thomas means good for the country and can be trusted with the ship of State in his hands. The kinds of gamble that took place between 1995 and 2008 will never happen under his watch.

The task is now his to get the right team around him to start delivering on many of the unfilled promises made to the Grenadian people.

A good opportunity should present itself to him from September 30 when he could take back full control of Congress from the group of dissidents led by a former government minister. The Prime Minister should “run with it” and try and convince the people that he now has a trusted team of men and women who can do the job that was offered to the NDC as a group in July 2008.

THE NEW TODAY would like to congratulate all the winners of Carnival 2012.

Let’s hope that the Spicemas Corporation will pay as soon as possible the various winners and all those who were hired in whatever form or capacity to help make the event possible.

The corporation should also use the next 12 months to do all the necessary planning to put the right structures in place to ensure that a much better product becomes a reality  in 2013.

Government might also be forced to look for a new Chairman to replace the current holder, Colin Dowe not for lack of performance but the reality of the situation is that Mr. Dowe’s full time and busy work schedule with his current place of employment, leaves him with not enough time to dedicate to the corporation.

The members of the committee should also use the next few months to plan and execute some of its own fund-raising ventures in order to put into its own budget and reduce on the dependency on the State for all the necessary finance to run its various activities.

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