Who is to be blamed?

A lot of eyes are now focused on the young males in our society these days in light of recent happenings with many of the older adults branding quite a large number of them as slackers, rebels, and drop-outs.

The recent incidents involving the young people and more particularly the brutal manner in which a young girl from La Tante, St. David’s met her death at the hands of a loved one will once again result in renewed attention and focus on the reasons for the deterioration in the behaviour and actions of all youth.

Recent statistics from the Ministry of Education point to the boys getting the much lower academic grades in both the primary and secondary schools and often trailing their female counterparts some distant back in the basics of reading and writing.

Our teachers are being relied upon too often and by too many parents to do what the father and mother should be doing at home to help mold their children into productive and worthwhile citizens.

In years gone by, children used to report to school with some etiquette from the home thus giving the teacher a greater opportunity to reinforce worthwhile and noble things like good manners, politeness, and a sense of purpose etc, etc.

Today it is quite the opposite as some of the children, both boys and girls show up at school with little or no home training thus making the task of our teachers much more difficult.

Our male adults for the most part have abrogated their responsibility as fathers thus leaving our boys to mimic their carefree behaviour when they grow up.

Very few of our male adult population make any meaningful or serious effort to break that negative cycle of absence from the lives of their children – let alone their boy child.

It is so true that one cannot give what one does not have. And if a boy child was socialised to witness the abuse of his mother by his father, or even the neglect dished out to the process of his upbringing from childhood, what can we expect from such a boy child?

To a great extent our women have overtaken our men by leaps and bounds and are the ones responsible for taking charge of the homes.

With some of our men abrogating their responsibility to the family within the context of marriages and others becoming nothing but “sperm donors” while absenting themselves in the important child-rearing process, our society has gone “to the dogs”.

Too many of our women folks have had to assert themselves and assume for the most part both roles in the home – mother & father.

The unequal and not so level playing field in which the young male is brought up must be taken into consideration when attempting to analyse their various levels of deviant behaviour.

The recent discovery of the female torso without head and limbs in a dumpster which upon discovery by the police led to the arrest of her male companion. Also more recent the gruesome chopping to death of another young lady in Pearls, St. Andrew’s must be put into context.

In fact the actual act of strangling another human being – whether through a desire to control that individual or not, can be classified under the “crime of passion” category which is classified as an abnormal act.

Too many of the young people in our midst have anger management issues due to their inability to reason. Is this topic being given any serious priority in the school curriculum?

The country needs to do a more indepth analysis of the problem and come to the realisation that we all have a part to play in helping to stop the downward spiral in our society.

Most of our female citizens (young and old alike) are often times engaged in just about all kinds of positive self-developmental activities while our males seem quite contented to be frequenting the rum shops, hanging out on the blocks, and doing activities which render them totally useless to society as a whole.

The issue of hard work seldom occurs to them as a prerequisite to achieving anything worthwhile as their orientation and focus is on instant gratification.

As adults we have to take responsibility for the direction of our society. We have to become each other’s keeper once more while helping to recreate a society which is obedient to the laws of the land.

The setting up of and enforcement of rules in our homes will afford our children their first binding experience as to the benefits of living orderly lives.

Not enough of us are programmed in this way and so we continue to slip as a society while blaming others outside of ourselves for the shortcomings of our very children.

In the wake of the unfortunate killing of the young girl from La Tante, parents need to sit down with their girl children in an open family session – drawing relevant scenarios for them to appreciate the need for them to have their heads properly screwed on when dealing with or establishing relationships with today’s “mostly empty and possessive” young men whose ability to reason is seriously challenged.

The expressions of some of the youngsters through the dress code prove the point. Is there any wonder why some young people behave the way they do.

We see them all the time in large numbers outside the popular nightspots and liming places and engaged in all sorts of “common” behaviour.

Our young people, but moreso the males are truly in crisis and if steps are not taken to stem that negative flow – our small nation could end up in a crisis of catastrophic proportions.

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