Time to break!!!

Recent developments within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over celebrations to mark the party’s fourth year in government should send home the message to Grenadians that the group as currently existing cannot be taken seriously for another five-year term in office.

The Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas needs to make a clean break from the other faction of Congress that is led by the party’s General Secretary, Peter David, who once held the portfolio of Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation.

This is the only hope for PM Thomas if he wants to send a message to the Grenadian people that he has with him a united group that is loyal to him as leader of both party and government and that the members under his command have finally settled down to do the business of the State.

A Peter David/Tillman Thomas/Nazim Burke slate would be rejected out of hand by the electorate in election 2013 based on the rumblings on the ground.

Mr. David should have done the politically decent thing a long time ago and resign from Congress and form his own political party and present his policies and programmes to the people.

A few weeks ago, the former government minister informed the nation in Parliament that he has fundamental differences with the Prime Minister and some of the fiscal policies being pursued by Congress as the government of the day in Grenada.

THE NEW TODAY is still waiting to hear from Mr. David about the different policies and programmes that he intends to implement as a leader to take this country forward.

History will record that NDC was born out of differences in policies. The late George Brizan, Dr. Francis Alexis, the same Tillman Thomas and others decided to quit the New National Party (NNP) of late H.A Blaize because of differences in economic policies and took the bold and courageous decision to launch their own party and chart their own course.

If Mr. David has differences with the direction in which the Thomas-led Congress is taking the country then he should leave the party, form his own group and come out and expound to the Grenadian people his own ideas.

Surely, these ideas must be different from the ones of 1979-83 in which the State was at the centre of each and every decision making process in the country. In today’s liberalised world, the private sector is at the centerpiece of growth and development.

Why is Mr. David afraid to leave Congress and form his own political organisation? Is it because he is not confident of his abilities to venture into uncertain political waters given his past record as a member of a political party that was responsible for the most blood-letting in the history of this country?

Is reality finally hitting home to the Member of Parliament for the Town of St. George that he does not have broad-based support in Grenada? Is he staying in NDC due to final admittance that what he has is only pockets of support in some areas of the country but not enough to create any national impact?

It is clear to THE NEW TODAY that Mr. David and the Rebels are employing classic Marxist theories within Congress in a vain hope to capture the party.

Our Westminister system of government will always recognise “The Chief” as the leader of the pack and not allow the dictates of Democratic Centralism or majority rule of the Central Committee to be the order of the day.

This was tried in the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution and ended in the bloody carnage at Fort Rupert on October 19, 1983 when the Central Committee of the New Jewel Movement (NJM) took the decision to execute Maurice Bishop and Others for not submitting to the will of the majority on the question of Joint Leadership.

This foreign ideology ran contrary to the culture of the Caribbean Man who sees “The Chief” as the one to look up to in terms of forging ahead such as Eric Gairy and the very Maurice Bishop.

Today the Chief is Tillman Thomas as the Leader of the country and NDC and not any group such as the National Executive or the recently coined phrase “Constituency Chairpersons” in dictating the direction of the government.

It is time for Prime Minister Thomas to make a clean break with the rebels and try and rekindle some hope in Congress supporters that all is not lost and that the next twelve months could see a turnaround in their fortunes.

This is more easily said than done since the signals coming out from the foot soldiers of the dissidents is that they are prepared to mash up the NDC and lose power in the next election to NNP rather than see Tillman Thomas remain as Prime Minister for another five-year term.

In politics everything is about timing and the Prime Minister should use Sunday’s two events being staged by the two factions of the party as a gauge for making his next bold move.

Mr. Prime Minister, the people are talking on the ground level. It is time to make the break with the David fraction that is engaged in stalling tactics – similar to what occurred in October 1983 between the two factions, Bernard Coard and Selwyn Strachan and Unison Whiteman who were engaged in some form of negotiation for the release of the Comrade Leader from under house arrest at Mt. Wheldale.

The so-called Rebels believe that a major trump card in their hands will be a battle for the party’s symbol, The HEART. Are they that bold-faced enough to go to court and try to get a judge to rule in their favour on a party symbol?

Mr. Prime Minister, too long a waiting period for cutting ties with the David fraction might lead to your own downfall.  The tide is right now in favour of the Prime Minister and not the so-called Rebels in hope of another election victory for Congress.

The events of the last few days and the battle being waged by the David-controlled National Executive against the Prime Minister on an appropriate event to mark the 4th anniversary of NDC coming into government should be the final straw.

Let Mr. David and company go up to St. David’s and “eat-a-food” and continue to hide from the Grenadian people. The day of decision is right around the corner. Again,  what is really there for them to tell the electorate that they do not know about this group of power hungry individuals?

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