Revolutionaries in opportunist clothing!!!

40 years after the birth of the Grenada Revolution, the first armed overthrow of an elected government in the English-speaking Caribbean, the mamagism continues by some of the adherents to leftwing politics.

THE NEW TODAY finds it extremely difficult to understand what the so-called revolutionaries who were indoctrinated by Bernard Coard are commemorating this month after actively destroying what they had fought to bring about through the use of arms and ammunition.

The decent and patriotic people who have been around in the 1979-83 era have a serious responsibility to educate and protect the new generation of unsuspecting Grenadians who might fall victim to the nice-sounding catch phrases being thrown out today by the so-called revolutionaries.

40 years later, these people have failed to do a proper audit and assessment of the problems that led to the slaughter of their own Prime Minister and former Comrades on Fort George some four-and-a-half years after creating their own revolution.

The so-called apology for the tragic events on October, 19, 1983 will not cut it because these people are still to accept criminal responsibility for the massacre on the fort in which they killed their own revolution and some of the more popular leaders of their own process.

The so-called revolutionaries have continued to protect their chief ideologue Bernard Coard who indoctrinated them into following the hardline Democratic Centralism principle as tried and failed in the Soviet Union and attempted to portray and paint Bishop in the end as a power hungry washed up Socialist who was seeking to implement the Cuban model in which the then Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro was the principal figure in the revolutionary process in Havana.

40 years later, there are so many unanswered questions about the true role of Bernard Coard in destabilising and mashing up the Grenada Revolution in pursuit of his own personal ambition.

The vast majority of Grenadians are not aware of the fact that on March 13, 1979, the New Jewel Movement (NJM) did not have a single Political Leader but that Maurice Bishop and Unison Whiteman were the Two Joint Co-ordinating Secretaries of the party.

The decision to appoint Bishop as the new Prime Minister and Number One figure after the NJM troops had overthrown the Eric Gairy government was taken at a meeting of the Political Bureau and Senior members of the party at Studio Two of Radio Grenada at Morne Rouge in Grand Anse.

It was the moment that Bishop was elevated above Whiteman who was then seen as the defacto Number two in the party and also the newly formed People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG).

This newspaper challenges the revolutionaries to explain to the Grenadian people when their ideologue Bernard Coard given the nod by the NJM to leapfrog over Unison Whiteman to become the Number Two in the party and also to the position of Deputy Prime Minister in the PRG.

Was this the first coup d’etat within the NJM and PRG that was pulled off by the over ambitious Bernard Coard?

Will the so-called revolutionaries who are nothing but opportunists ask Bernard Coard to come forward and answer the following question: Did the Cubans had to restrain him in 1981 after the

Bottling plant incident when he allegedly came up with a proposal to start the widespread nationalisation of private enterprise in the country as part of his misguided Marxist-Leninist indoctrination?

The information unearth by THE NEW TODAY is that there was internal rumblings within the NJM after the announcement came out that Coard was now the Deputy Prime Minister of the country and not Whiteman who was the other Joint Co-ordinating Secretary along with Bishop since the formation of the party in the 1970’s.

The anti-Coard forces within the NJM decided not to make it an issue in order to avoid giving “the enemies” especially the United States any inclination of a division in the ranks of the Grenada Revolution.

This newspaper will always keep at a distance the Coardites who are now parading all over the media to keep the memory of March 13, 1979 alive in order to pursue their ambition of one day recapturing the seat of government and power in Grenada.

The Coardites are now operating as part of the so-called “Project Grenada” umbrella within the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell after helping to unseat the 2008-13 National Democratic Congress (NDC) government of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

These opportunistic revolutionaries had once given thought to joining the NNP in the 1990’s but backed out given the age of Dr. Mitchell whom they felt might be around at the helm of his party for a very long time and had no intention of bowing out soon from frontline politics.

An opportunity presented itself for the Coardites after the 1999 general elections when the NNP won all 15 seats and the NDC was forced to rebuild after the disastrous showing at the polls.

The Coardites came into Congress in droves but “Uncle Tilly” eventually stood in their way from rising to the top and taking power in the battle that took place prior to the mass expulsions at the party’s convention in September 2012.

THE NEW TODAY is confident that the revolutionaries who were indoctrinated by Bernard Coard will never be able to win any power in Grenada on their own and will always seek to climb on the back of anyone to achieve their main aim and ambition.

The people do not trust them and the NDC itself should now be cognizant of this fact given the outcome of the general election one year ago.

The Coardites will never come to term with the reality that they can be part of the process to build the country but the people will not empower them ever through the ballot box to hold onto the reins of power and government in the current dispensation.

It is nothing but a charade by the Coardites to presently seek to claim March 13, 1979 as their proudest moment because history will record that group as the only set of people in the Caribbean to fight to bring about a revolution and then turn around and fight so hard among themselves to destroy the very process.

History has proven that the Coardites are not genuine revolutionaries but are in fact opportunists of the worst kind masquerading in revolutionary clothes.

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