Draymond Green was fined, not suspended, for punching Jordan Poole

Golden State Warriors Head coach Steve Kerr announced Tuesday Draymond Green Fined but not suspended for punching a teammate Jordan Poole In practice.

Kerr made the announcement after the season opener against Golden State Portland Trail Blazers Calling the situation “the biggest crisis we’ve ever had.” He declined to disclose the fine amount.

“He’s going to be back training on Thursday,” Kerr said. “He has been fined. He will not be suspended. I expect him to play in our last preseason game and opening night on Friday.”

‘The biggest crisis we’ve ever faced’

Kerr said Green and Poole were “key people” at the company. Stephen Curry And general manager Bob Myers was involved in conversations leading up to a decision on Green’s punishment.

“It’s a thorough process,” Kerr continued. … “We feel that this is the best way to evaluate everything and move forward. Whatever decision you make in a situation like this is not going to be easy. It’s not going to be right.

“This is the biggest crisis we’ve had since I’ve been a coach here. It’s a very serious thing.”

Kerr said he trusts Green and the Warriors veteran has given him the benefit of the doubt.

“I trust him,” Kerr said. “He broke our confidence with this incident. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because I think he’s earned it. I think our team feels the same way.”

Green punched Poole in the jaw

Green apologized Saturday That follows Friday’s reports He had punched the pool In practice. sources told Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill Tensions between Green and Poole have been simmering since the start of training camp. Both players are eligible for contract extensions, and the 23-year-old Poole is widely expected to secure an extension, while Green’s long-term future with the franchise remains unclear. Green, 32, has been instrumental in helping the Warriors win four NBA championships.

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After the reports, TMZ released a leaked video from a Warriors practice showing Green stepping on Poole’s chest amid an apparent verbal altercation, then punching Poole in the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

Green told reporters he apologized to Poole, his family and the soldiers for the “embarrassment” caused by the attack: “I failed as a leader. I failed as a man.

“I was at fault for my actions on Wednesday,” Green said. “For that, I’ve apologized to my team. I’ve apologized to Jordan.”

He denied that the attack had anything to do with Poole’s contractual circumstances.

“I promise you I don’t count other people’s pockets,” Green added.

Why isn’t Green suspended?

The Warriors previously disciplined Green for fighting with a teammate. Team Suspended him for one game In 2018, quoting “Conduct detrimental to the team.” At the time He called the then committee Kevin Durant A “pitch” during a game against Los Angeles Clippers. He didn’t punch Durant.

Kerr was asked why Green was not suspended this time.

“Every situation is completely different,” Kerr said. “We don’t look at everything in a vacuum and say, ‘Well, we did it here, we should do it there.’ We believe.

“Like I said, we feel this is the best way for us to move forward.”

Kerr said conversations between Green and Poole played a part in the decision-making process.

“Jordan and Draymond had a great discussion that I think will help us moving forward,” Kerr said.

Poole has not addressed the incident publicly. Kerr expects Poole to speak to the media soon.

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The Warriors begin their regular season at home on Oct. 18 Los Angeles LakersThey will celebrate the 2022 NBA Championship with a ring ceremony.

Draymond Green will not be suspended for punching Jordan Poole. (AP Photo/David Zalupowski)

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