From being governed to being ruled!!!

By Special Correspondent

The recent decisions by the Prime Minister of Grenada to appoint yet another off-spring of a Senior Cabinet Minister, this time Minister Peter David’s daughter, to a position within the Administration, is another clear demonstration of the return of a tendency which many hoped we had banished from our political system – the return of the ‘Divine Right of Rulers’ to treat with the resources and Offices of the State as they deem it fit.

These continuous acts of contempt for norms and conventions, to say nothing of ‘fair-play’, developing a ‘meritocracy’ and ‘societal correctness’, is one more display of the danger of the ‘15-0’, and the absolute power associated with it, for our relatively young democracy in Grenada.

Political pundits, of which there are many in Grenada, could postulate that this move by Keith Mitchell, is one way of blunting the nub of the condemnation which emanated both within and outside Grenada to the appointment of his son Olinga, as Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance.

Others would argue that this is classic Peter David, always fending for ‘self-first’, even at the sacrifice of others around him.

Whichever, the appointment first of Mitchell’s son, and more recently David’s daughter, is a slap in the face of all Grenadians, who would have been nurtured and fed on principles alien to David and Mitchell, such as eschewing nepotism – hiring the ‘family first’.

Many of us would no doubt, support the staunch position which the NJM adopted against nepotism, as practiced by Sir Eric Matthew Gairy. Let us not forget that David and his ilk are self-proclaimed Marxists.

Hence, this gives validity to the school of thought that reasons that ‘Marxism leads to nepotism’, as it replaces the usual societal impulses towards choice and decentralisation with one centralised apparatus.

When political choice is removed, as it now stands in Grenada, it is advanced that you end up with ‘grey-haired men running everything, and appointing their sons, daughters, cousins and brothers to positions within the Administration, because the Administration is the new currency, the new oligarchy’.

The recent hiring, of David’s daughter by the Administration is yet another manifestation that ‘Marxism’ a la ‘Project Grenada’ is the highest form of ‘capitalism’. Clearly, let those who labour hold the reins is no longer in style!!

Indeed, it is true to say that many pundits have been monitoring this development from the time the plot began to be hatched by the ‘usual conspirators’. The plot did not begin today.

In fact, in order to understand the plot, and the subversion of the NNP and the governance process, one must look carefully at the movement of the ‘chess’ pieces (no play on words) on the Board.

Every single move is carefully choreographed to fit the whims and political fancies of two men.

The infiltration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began with the placement of a certain person, an acolyte of Peter David, to a very high position within the ministry.

It was David who entrenched him in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it is to David that he reports even when Steele and Elvin Nimrod were the Line Ministers.

Don’t forget that Elvin Nimrod’s role at the Ministry was largely ceremonial – reduced to protocol engagements to his Office once or twice a week. So, indeed, Peter David was always influential in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in recent years.

The so-called, Review of Ambassadorial positions and appointments announced by the Ministry some time ago, was nothing more than a ‘maneuver’ to purge the Ministry of persons who might prove too independent, or those who would resist the ‘grand design’ of Peter David and Keith Mitchell. Nothing more, nothing less!!

The appointment of Ms. Abbie David, hand-picked by the ‘Independent Review Committee’ at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, should therefore come as no surprise, in light of the fact that Peter David essentially ‘owns’ the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in much the same way that the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance ‘owns’ the Ministry of Finance.

It may be reasonably argued that to be retained at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you must either be from the ‘Davidian’ or ‘Mitchellite’ tribe-cronyism. In the end, though the appointment of Ms. Abbie David, is simply a natural progression of a plan which Peter David had crafted some time ago, and for which the opportunity of Olinga Mitchell made it prudent for the Prime Minister to embrace, as a means of deflecting the cynicism and the ridicule associated with his own son’s appointment – behind the back of his own Cabinet.

So too, the appointment of Ms. Abbie David, was skillfully stage-managed long before it was brought to the Cabinet for ‘rubber stamping’.

But Grenadians ought not to be troubled, even in the face of rampant and open cronyism in full swing under the guise of a ‘loyalty first –competence second’ philosophy. Naked acts of nepotism carried out under the ‘fig leaf’ of an excuse that Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in St. Vincent did the same thing.

Manifestly untrue, since Gonsalves’ son was properly elected by the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The ‘Project Grenada’ experiment ably supported by Keith Mitchell for his own purposes continues the persecution of those who dare to oppose the ‘juggernaut’ of the NNP Administration. The harvest is an increasingly angry youth population, given palliative care through the ‘Imani Programme’ and a constant diet of broken promises.

Grenada is also harvesting a stubborn unemployment rate, among the highest in the OECS, at 23.6 % and climbing, and an aging Prime Minister, who like all aging lions, is bent on devouring any male contenders, except those he deems harmless.

It is against this backdrop that Ms. Abbie David’s appointment must be assessed. Indeed, it might stink to high heaven, but in the grand scheme of things everything else is irrelevant. The real issue is how much harm the Grenadian people will allow from the aging lion and his sycophants before the grand revolt.

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